Bullying in junior high school

by Tomoyuki on November 14, 2017 - 9:58am

Many students attend each school and they study a lot of subjects, but in school, there sometimes happens fighting or quarrel and so on. Along with those, bullying happens. Bullying is one of the most famous problems. Close to 224,540 reports of school bullying, or ijime in Japanese, emerged in 2015-16, according to the ministry. That was a 19 percent increase from the previous year — though officials say part of the rise was due to heightened awareness resulting from the 2013 law (Lim, 2017). Bullying problem continues increasing in school and it is becoming serious, so we have to help all students. I will tell about it.

First of all, I will introduce examples of bullying in school. In school, many students have some problems like receiving physical violence, ignorance, line talking in an application and so on. As for the physical violence, there happens kicking, punching, pinching. These are usually performed by physical strong boys to the physical weak boys. If the damage was serious injury, he would die. If they were adult, they would be arrested by Japanese law. Smartphones developed in Japan and some junior high school students in each school have them recently. Along with that, line talking in the application are becoming serious problem. The app can unmask bullies on publicly accessible websites, like Twitter, as well as private message groups that are normally hard to trace (NHK World, 2017). Kinds of bullying differ from the genders. In case of girls, they perform ignorance or verbal violent and so on. Ignorance tends to be performed among girls. For example, when they go to even a toilet, they usually go together. If the girl did not go together, she would be excluded from the group.

Next, I will write about the causes of bullying. First cause is Japanese people don’t like a difference from another people. If one boy told different opinions to friends in his group, he would be usually hated. Why is the boy hated from people around? This problem relates to Japanese education. In Japan, all children perform the same things in school, so it is lost individual characters. The kind of extreme bullying that can lead even to suicide have as their background the closed and insular nature of Japanese society. People of strong individuality, who have some quality that shines or stands out, are often the target of jealousy, branded as different and strange (Ikeda, 2007). Therefore, I think this is very serious problem in Japan. Second cause is physical weakness. The physical strong boy bullies the physical weak boy. This often happens because the boy who bully weak boy performs so that not to be bullied from another person. Third cause is mental stress. In Japan, nuclear family increased. Because of that, taking a communication lacked in the house, so children have stress. It is the problem which is not able to take a communication. The communication with people has lost by developing phone. Also, mental stress effects from difference of environment. For example, students can’t talk with other students in school or there are not students who be able to talk. In addition, some parents also effect to the problem. If students can’t get high scores with test in school, the parents will be angry to the students, so they have stress.

Furthermore, I will show you how to solve the bullying problem. The first way to solve is to discuss in homeroom hour. In school, there has a homeroom every day. In 2016, 320 people under 18 took their lives. (Lim, 2017). Talking with fellow students is important because it is useful to decrease bullying. Also, it is important for students to think about why bullying happens because they can learn importance of each life. Second way is the students consult with teachers, friends and parents. Students usually think about bullying alone, so some students become truancies. If the truancy became serious, the student will choose suicide. However, consulting from the students is difficult, so parents, teachers and friends need to talk with the student. It is important for them to help the student. Third way is to cooperate with the counselor. If talking is difficult for the student, it is essential to cooperate with the counselor. Especially, the teacher has need to take the cooperation with the counselor. Also, according to Kosuke Isogai, a sixth-grader and leader of a patrol team at his school in a Tokyo suburb, leads members through the school chanting slogans such as “let’s prevent bullying together” and “we will not tolerate bullying (Lim, 2017).” I will become a teacher in school and have children in the future. Hence, I have to help students and need to save student’s life in school education.

In conclusion, bullying problem continues increasing in school and it is becoming serious, so we have to help students in the future. I told some examples, causes and the way to solve about bullying. Many students have some problems like receiving physical violence, ignorance, line talking in the application and so on. As for the causes, Japanese people don’t like difference from another people. Also, they have physical weakness and mental stress. As for the way to solve it, the points are to discuss in homeroom hour and consult with someone. Bullying is serious problem and solving is not easy for us, but helping students depends on us.

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