What lead for success?

by 037 Kurumi on December 17, 2014 - 9:20pm

Today, I will talk about my way of thinking how to success. In last class, we learned Richard St. John’s research about what we need for success. I don’t know what success is, but I am able to expect it. I guessed it is that dreams come true and to be able to do something what I want, and then I thought there are some things that lead for it. Those things that I think are three here.

Confidence and think nothing

I think we need confidence when we do something all the time. I was often told my club team teacher in junior high that you must have confidence that you are the No.1 player when you are in a game. However, having the confidence is really difficult, so I couldn’t do it. Now, I can find how important it is. When I was in a game, I was angry with my teammate because they didn’t help me at all, so I cleared myself the situation. In that time, I didn’t think anything because of angry, but it was good for me. I didn’t felt fear of anything the situation. I thought it leads to the solution. Confidence and think nothing is connecting.

Have good friends

We have many friends, but close friends are few of them. Having friends is good for us to do anything. They help you when you are in a trouble. If you can’t solve a problem, you can consult with your friends, and sometimes they bring you good ideas. It leads to solution, so we must care and should have many friends. They have different thinking. The many kinds of way of thinking show us new world.

Have hobbies and spare

Busy days takes free of mind from me and makes our view narrow. It is problem for living enjoyable. Having hobbies is the witness of having ease and comfort. If we don’t have time to spare or ease in your mind, we might be able not to create any new thing. On the other hand, if you have those, you can think about the people around you and also having hobbies gives us new relation with people still we don’t know.

In conclusion, for now, I just say these three. However I think it is the best. There are many kinds of things what lead for success because everyone experience different situation in our life. We can find more, and we should find more.

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