Japanese Music

by 018 Saya on December 15, 2014 - 1:29am

     I would like to tell you about music. I like l

istening to music, and also singing. I


like Japanese music more than Western music, so I u


sually listen it. I will




about my favorite Japanese group and their songs. A


fter that, I would like to tell you the


reason why I like Japanese music more than Western




First, I would like to introduce about my favo


rite group. My favorite Japanese


group is AAA (Triple A). There are seven members, t


wo women and five men. They are


not just singing, also dancing. In fact, this group


had three women before, but one of


them retired from the group because she became ill.


They made their debut as a super


performance group on September 14




, 2005. They received the highest award at their


first single CD. Also, they did their first free co


ncert in Budoukan. This was


unprecedented case. I think that their most famous


song is “Koioto to Amazora”. I think


most Japanese women like this song because they can


sympathize with the lyrics.


Secondly, I am going to introduce about one of


my favorite their songs. I like all


AAA’s songs, so it was difficult to choose. One of


my favorite their songs is “STEP”.


When I heard this song for the first time, I felt I


have to do my best for my dream. This


song encourages me to start something new. I want t


he other people to listen this music.


I want to listen this song especially examinees. AA


A has a lot of cheer song. When I was


examinee, I always listened their songs.


Finally, I would like to tell you about the re


ason why I like Japanese music more


than Western music. I like both, but Western music


is very difficult to understand a


lyrics. If I had a high ability of remember vocabul


ary, I think I like Western music more


than Japanese music. However, I am very bad at memo


rize vocabularies. That is why I


like Japanese music. And also, I think Western musi


c is difficult to sing. When I sing a


Western song, I always try to copy. However, I’m no


t a native speaker of English, so I


cannot copy their pronunciation perfectly. These ar


e the reason that I like Japanese


music more than Western music.


In conclusion, I think music is important in o


ur life. I want everyone to know my


favorite Japanese group, and listen their songs. I’


m studying English now, so I think I


have to listen Western music. If I listen Western m


usic, I think my English skill will be


improve. I want to be good at speaking English, so


I will try to listen and sing Western



About the author

My name is Saya.
I`m from Okinawa. Okinawa is south of Japan.
I live in Hyogo now. Hyogo is near Osaka in Jjapan.
My birthday is March 18th.
I`m a student of Kansai University of International Studies
I joined the volley ball club for 10 years.