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by 020 Koki on December 8, 2014 - 1:46am

     There are many kind of music in Japan, for example, J-POP, Rock, Enka; a traditional-style Japanese popular song, Idol and so on. Enka has long history, so Japanese like it very much and especially old people like it. Recently, Idol song is very popular among every generation and other countries people. Nowadays, Idol song is the genre that Japan can be proud of, so I think that it is Cool Japan. Today, I am going to introduce Japanese Idol groups because they are representative of the Japanese music. The first is about Japanese Idol groups. The second is what their attractive point is. The third is why they are popular. After that I will write my opinion in conclusion.

     First, I will write about Japanese Idol groups. I would like to introduce two Japanese representative Idol groups. The first group is AKB48. Yasushi Akimoto who is famous Japanese producer made this group and they made their debut in 2005. Their concept is “the Idol who people can go to see”. Their feature is to give a performance approximately every day. The second group is ARASHI. I think they are popular men’s Idol group all over the world. They have acted for 15 years, and their songs get the first place every year, so Japanese love them.

     Second, I will write about their attractive points. Idol became distant to ordinary people. However, AKB is not Idol like past groups because people can easy to see their performance and their growth, so these points are good for ordinary people. ARASHI is a very close group, and their songs and TV programs make us happy and smile. They always do their best in everything, so people love their actions.

     Third, I will write about the reason why they are popular. They make us exciting and happy because their songs and their performance have strong power, and also their dance is interesting. Therefore they make us want to sing and dance.

     In conclusion, I like AKB48 and ARASHI very much. I think that they are really good Idol groups and Japan can be proud of them. When I felt sad and listened to their songs, I was encouraged by their songs, so I could be happy. They have strong powers to make people happy. I want you to listen to songs of AKB48 and ARASHI, and watch their performance. Perhaps, they make you happy and smile. After that you will like them very much.          



URL: http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/AKB48



I like Japanese Idol group too. For example Kanjani eight, Momoiro Clover Z and so on. They looks are cool and cute. And I can get power from them performance and song. Especially, Momoiro Clover Z's song and dance is exciting. I get power when I am depressed, so I want to go them concert. Thank you.

This article is clearly. I did not know about AKB48, but I did understand that it has many kind of attractive points, so I want to listen to music of idols. And I also think that ARASHI is very good group. Their TV shows is very interesting! I was happy that can understand about Japanese music. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

I like Western music, so I don't listen Japanese music well. But I like movie song. for example GHIBLE. These song are very nice. My favorite Japanese singer is Keisuke Kuwata, because my father likes him very much. so I have listened since a child. His song is very cool. So you should listen his song. Thank you for your writing!

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