Halloween is known than Obon all over the world

by 020 Koki on November 17, 2014 - 1:48am

     This time, I am going to introduce about Halloween and Obon, different points and similar points between them. The first is what Halloween and Obon are. The second is their different points. The third is their similar points. Then I will write my opinion in conclusion.

     First, what is Halloween, and what is Obon? Halloween is the festival to be held on October 31 every year. It is the festival that an ancient the Celts were regarded as the origin. Originally it was the religious event that celebrated autumn harvest and drove evil spirits out. Today, however, it colonize as the nonofficial event in the United States in particular. Obon is an event that people worship their ancestral spirits in Japan. Today, it is usually held on August 14 to 16. Generally, it is recognized to be an event of the Buddhism.

     Second, I will tell you about their different points. I think that these customs have big difference points. At Halloween, there are customs which people make Jack-o’-Lantern, children dress up themselves as a witch and a ghost, and they visit neighboring house in order to get cakes. When they visit neighboring house, they say “Trick or Treat!” At Obon, as for contents, manners and customs of the event, there are various styles in each district. The representative custom is Bon festival dance. People dance at summer festivals.

     Third, I will tell you about their similar points. I think that each event is related to spirits. At Halloween, people turn evil “spirits” out. On the other hand, at Obon, people celebrate their ancestral “sprits”. How to handle sprits is different each, although, these are similar points between Halloween and Obon. 

     In conclusion, they are traditional events, but Halloween is known by all over the world. What is the reason? I think that Halloween is an enjoyable event for people, because it has the customs which people dress up and children can get cakes when they say this word that is “Trick or Treat”. Perhaps, people like costumes, so they enjoy dressing up. These customs spread out in the world. Today, Japanese also enjoy Halloween. Why is Obon not known by other countries? I think that Obon has strong Buddhism, so perhaps foreigner is not able to understand this event. That’s why Halloween is known than Obon all over the world.



Hello Koki. It is interesting topic. I think Halloween and Obon are similar festival. Because these day are come back to ancestor at here. But I like Halloween. Because it is interesting festival . I can eat candy and children wearing cute costumes. Halloween is funny event than Obon. Then, I think Obon is holy events in Japan, so I want foreigner to understand exactly. Thank you.

Thanks to your reply. I agree with you. Perhaps, foreigner don't know about Obon, so I want them to know about it. However, I don't like Halloween because it isn't interesting for me. I like Obon better than Halloween because I can relax during Obon holiday weeks.

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