Halloween and Obon

by 037 Kurumi on November 17, 2014 - 2:06am

Halloween and Obon


5142037 Kurumi Nakajima

              Today I will introduce about Halloween and Obon. Most of people know about Halloween and Obon just as festival or holiday. However these events are traditional cultures’ events. Halloween is a Christian event for cerebrating saints of old. Obon is a Buddhist event for holding a memorial service for one’s ancestors. Do you know why we wear costume in Halloween? Do you know why we prepare meals for our ancestors in Obon? Maybe, people don’t know why. So I will compare these two, and I will tell you what is similarities and differences between two of them.

              First, I will talk about similarity between Halloween and Obon. There are two similarities. One is that both of them are an event of religion. Another one is concerning with spirits. There are many religious events around the world. These two are the religious events which are enjoyed by people as a festival and holiday. These are believed by people as the day when Hell’s door open and dead people’s spirits come back in the land of the living.

              Second, I will talk about differences between these two. There are two differences. One is kind of spirits. Another one is wearing costume or not. Our ancestors’ spirits come back in the present world during Obon. However, while Halloween, not only ancestors’ spirits but also evil spirits and monsters come back in this world. In the period of Obon, we don’t wear special clothings, but the term of Halloween, we wear costumes for example, ghosts, witches, zombies, demons, vampires, and werewolves. The reason why we wear costumes are for saving our souls by evil spirits and monsters take ours.

              Third, I will talk about which is better. I prefer Obon rather than Halloween, because evil spirits and monsters don’t return to this world. Obon is more familiar for Japanese than Halloween since religious difference. I think Halloween is enjoyable day as a festival event, but actually we may be in little dangerous situation during Halloween. In contrast, Obon is the day that we can feel safety and dear our ancestors, so I like Obon.

              In conclusion, both of them are similar to each other. Especially, they are the day as concerning with spirits and we can be with spirits. However, there are many differences. In particular, regarding that stance, we take different postures. There is a clear difference of religion. I think it is interesting that these cultures exists in the same world.






Many Japanese people celebrate both of them every year. I found most of them are celebrating these events without any proper knowledge. I see many Japanese people are just drinking like hell in weird costume that totally doesn’t make sense. This is deplorable situation. You know very well about background of these events. I hope you can save this country.


I think we must protect those traditionals. Old people had been doing those things with they have the meanings, so I agree with you. I want to try to celebrate those events in proper way.

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