Halloween and Obon

by 018 Saya on November 17, 2014 - 1:50am

I would like to tell you about Halloween and Obon. I will tell you about similar point and different points. After that, I will tell you which day I like.

     First, I would like to tell you about the differences between Halloween and Obon. I found some different points. The first point, I think the length of the period is different. Halloween has only one day, but Obon has three day. The first day is called “Unke” in Okinawa. This day, we receive our ancestors. The second day is called “Nakabi” in Okinawa. We don’t do anything special this day. The final day is called “U-kui” in Okinawa. This day, we see out our ancestors. They can stay in human world for very long time. However, ghosts cannot stay long time in Halloween. In my opinion, probably the ghosts of Halloween plot something bad, so they cannot stay long time. Other different point, relatives do not gather on Halloween, but on Obon, we can meet relatives. It’s because we have to greet ancestors. We should pray before the family Buddhist altar. On Halloween, we don’t do that, so I think it is different point too.

     Secondly, I would like to tell you about the similar point between these two days. The similar point is ghosts coming from death world, so many ghosts are in my surroundings. I think this is very interesting point. I cannot see any ghosts, but probably the ghosts sitting next to me. Ordinary days, I’m afraid of ghosts. However, I’m not feel fear on these days because I know the ghosts are stay in human world.

     Finally, I would like to tell you which day I like and the reason why. I like Obon because I can meet my relatives. In my opinion, we cannot meet our relatives easily. If we have some events, we will gather in our grandparents’ house. We don’t have a lot of events in a year. I want to meet my relatives, so I like Obon day. Also, I can watch Eisa, a traditional dance of Okinawa. I watch it every year. Other reason, I can get candies from adults on Halloween, but if I became adult, I have to give candies. I don’t want to spend money for candies. I think this is wasteful spending. However, I don’t have to spend wasteful money on Obon. That’s why I like Obon.

     In conclusion, Halloween and Obon have similar point. However, these days have different point more than similar point. I could know both history, so I could enjoy researching. If you interested in these occasions, I recommend you to research about it. Thank you for reading my article.



I read your article. your article was interesting. I thought that explanation of the similar point and different points about Halloween and Obon were easy to understand. Also I knew the first time the how to call of three days of Bon. But I thought I want to know what everyone does call three days of Bon In general. If you have a chance, please tell me it. Thank you for good article.

Thank you for reading my article. I don't know the name of the three days, so I want to research about it. After that, I would like to tell you.

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