Halloween and Obon

by 017 shiina on November 17, 2014 - 1:43am

We have a lot of events in Japan, I would like to explain about two topics which are Obon and Halloween. I’m going to tell you about the difference point and similarities between Obon and Halloween. First I will write about content of these two topic, then I’m going to compare these two contents. At the last, I want to write about my opinion.

First, I would like to tell you about Halloween. Every October 31st, children go to outside to get some candy. Usually children wear a costume of a ghost or a hero, etc. When children arrive at someone’s house, they shout “trick of treat!!” in front of the entrance. By so doing, the owner goes out and give some candy to the children.
Next, I going to tell you about Halloween’s history. Originally Halloween was a harvest celebration in autumn, and to send the demons away. People said that dead persons come back to the world at the night of Halloween. In old day, people carved a turnip and used it to avoid the devil. Now, we make a talisman against evil using a pumpkin.
     Second I’m going to tell you about Obon. It is the Buddhist event on the July 15th, someone invites their ance stor’s spirits back to pray for their repose, and it is events to worship and ancestral ghost in every July 15th. Next I would like to tell you about Mukaebi, Okuribi, and Bonodori. This three things are event for ghosts. On July 13th, people clean the grave, it is Mukaebi. On July 16th, people carry away garden lanterns to the river to send a ghosts back to the next world, it is Okuribi. Bonodori is something like a festival. In July 16th, people gather into temple and shrines, then on the evening of the 16th, people dances around the Yagura, it is Bonodori which is historical event of Japan.
      Third, I would like to compare Obon and Halloween. I think these two things don’t have many similar point, I think similar point is connected with each only. But we have a lot of difference point, for example, Obon does not get something, like a Halloween. 
     Collectively, we have a two event for ghosts which has difference of culture, but the purpose is similar. We should understand the meaning of the event from old times, in my opinion.


This article is very interesting. because I could know Halloween and Obon culture. This article is easy to understand. I like Obon than Halloween. Because Halloween is there are a lot of interesting events in Japan. But Obon is nothing. My favorite Halloween events in Japan is Horror Night in USJ. It is very scary but fun. So I go to USJ every year with my friends. Thank you for your writing.

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