Do you like Japanese music?

by 021 Atsushi on December 8, 2014 - 1:34am


     Recently, I often see a lot of people who are listening to music. Of course, I everyday listen to my favorite music because I can be happy and calm. Also, Japanese music is very good which a reason almost of people listen to Japanese music. I asked some of students and could get interesting answer. This time, I want to introduce Japanese music.


     First, I will introduce my favorite Japanese singer and group. I sometime listen to western music, for example Maroon5, Queen and more. However I listen to Japanese music more than western music so I decided to introduce as this section’s topic. My favorite singer is Mr.Children. When I asked some of students “What’s your favorite singer?”, a lot of students answered different answers. However, when I asked them “Do you know Mr.children?”, they said “Of course, it is a very famous singer in Japan”. Mr.Children is constituted four members. Vocalist is Kazutoshi Sakurai whose voice makes me happy and gives me power to live. Basest is Keisuke Nakagawa, when I saw his appearance of playing base, my heart was moved because it was so cool. Guitarist is Kenichi Tahara, I’m sure that he is the best guitarist all over the world. Drummer is Hideya Suzuki, he is full of passion and his talking is very interesting. I recommend this song “Esora” to you. This song is very kind and strong so when you feel sad, I want you to listen to it. This song might give you power.


     Second, I’d like to introduce Karaoke. As you know, Japanese likes singing even they are in public. This is true as a matter of fact, Cool Japan which is a TV program for foreigner investigated “Does Japanese sing song in public place?” and they sing song in it. Also, I asked some of students in my university “How often do you go to Karaoke?”, they answered “I go to Karaoke at least once a month”. I was surprised when they answered it because I seldom go to Karaoke. The reason why don’t I go to Karaoke is that I don’t have a confidence to sing very well. However, I like singing a song.


     Third, I want to tell you that Japanese often listen to music on train. If you take a train, I perfectly see people listening music. What do you think this act? Of course, they can relax and enjoy during the way them to somewhere and it’s an evidence of Japanese likes music. However, I guess that listening to music on train is not good. If you want to listen perfectly to music on train, you have to raise volume of music player. This is not good for your ears and there is likelihood the sound is leaking from your headphones or earphones. When you listen to music on train, you have to pay attention to other passengers and your ears.


     What’s your Japanese music? Japanese music is very good so when you have a time, please listen to it as I told you “Mr.Children”. However, you have to be careful when you listen to music because too big volume is not good for your ears. Japanese music might help your life because it has a lot of probabilities. If you are sad, you should listen to Japanese music. Your trouble might disappear and you can find new light.


Your writting is very good. I agree your opinion and after read your sentence I want to listening Esora by Mr.children. Topic of Karaoke is very interesting. I have never listened your song but I want to you have confidence. I agree your opinion about listening music on train.

I read your article. I also like listening to music. And I also like your favorite singer (Mr.Children). I especially like Seesaw game of Mr.Children. Thank you for telling me your favorite singer. So I teach you my favorite singer. My favorite singer is [Alexandros].
If you have a chance, please try to listen to it.

Mr. Children is one of my favorite Japanese singers. I see many people are listening or singing in some foreign countries. My Filipino friend does. Most of Japanese music is spreading to other counties with Anime. The reason why many Japanese songs cannot be accepted in most of foreign countries is language. Only a very few foreigner understand Japanese. However these good Japanese songs, such as “Esora”, can impress people because it is song by Japanese language. There are many expressions that cannot be express in other language. Anyway I like Sakurai san, again!

Your essay is crearly, a motive of writing essay, so I could accept what you'd like to communicate. More over, you used; they said " of course" etc. I impressed your device. You often write a topics which is interrogative sentences. It was good how to write. I found interesting point what you said " you have to be careful~ [ 5th paragraph, 2nd line] , It was the most funny sentence for me.

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