Differnence between Obon and Halloween

by 033ryosuke on November 17, 2014 - 2:03am

Difference from Halloween and Obon.


Ryosuke Chinen

                            Japan has two events. One of them is Halloween, the other is Obon. Almost all Japanese think Halloween and Obon are different, but actually Halloween is similar to Obon. In the following, I will explain about these two events, first about their similarities, then about their differences and finally which of them is better.

              First, I explain about the two events’ similarities. The ancestors are received by their family.

              Second, I explain about the two events’ differences. There are many differences in these two events. First, the season is different. Obon is practiced in summer, but Halloween is practiced in fall. Second meaning is different. Obon is an event which based on cult of time-honored. Obon’s meaning is our ancestors go back to our home from the next world, and they enjoy with their family. After they spent enjoy time, they come back to the next world again. However, Halloween is a festival which people celebrate autumn’s harvests, and drove the evil spirits. All Hallow’s Eve has same meanings. Finally I explain what people do during these two events. In Obon, people go to their parents’ home, and they visit their ancestors’ grave. In Halloween, now people disguise themselves as monsters, for example witches, vampires, mummies, and so on. But recently people disguise themselves as something, for example famous animation character, “YURUKYARA”, and so on. People say “Trick or Treat” when they meet friends or their known person. Then people give a snack. For instance candy, chocolate, etc…

              Finally I wrote about which of them is better. I think Obon is better than Halloween. The reason why I think it is in my case, my family goes to my father’s parents’ home, and we visit our ancestors’ grave. After that we visit my father’s relative who lived nearby my grandparent’s house. I enjoyed it, because I meet my father’s relative. I meet them four times a year, so it is a chance that I meet my relative.

              In conclusion, Halloween is similar to Obon, but there are many differences these two events, but I guess these two event’s proposer’s thinking is very similar, because they believe the next world’s people come back to this world during these two events. This time I knew about Halloween and Obon very well, so next year I will pleasure to these two events’. Especially I want to do Obon, because I would like to tell my recent conditions to my ancestors.


Hello, I read your topic, I understood to similar point.
I think your thinking is so nice, because I thought too.
Then, I like Halloween, because I like American style, and my pearent from Miyako, so we haven't grave.
What your favorite YURUKYARA in japan??
Thank you

I was surprised because my mother's from Miyako island too. However, I supposed that they have a grave.
By the way, my favorite YURUKYARA is Kumamon, while I hate Funassi.

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