Different points between Obon and Halloween

by 021 Atsushi on November 17, 2014 - 1:39am

     Japan has some traditional events, Children’s Day, Setsubun and more. This time, I will introduce Obon which has long history. Also, America has an event which is similar to Obon. This event is Halloween. I want to introduce different points between Obon and Halloween to compare both events and to find good points about each event.


     First, I researched the origin of each event. Obon is a Japanese memorial service for our ancestors while, Halloween is an American harvest festival. Also, Halloween was started by the Celts so another country’s people made this custom. However, Obon was made by the Japanese so ordinary people made it.


     Second, I’m going to tell you about the content of Halloween and Obon. In Halloween’s case, people eat pumpkin, visit neighbors to be given some snacks or candy and dress in a Halloween costume. Whereas, Japanese don’t eat pumpkin, visit houses around my house and wear strange costumes. In Obon’s case, people visit a grave but don’t go to sea. Actually, when I was a child, I often went a grave with my family during Obon. The reason visiting a grave is that soul of ancestor comes back this world for Obon. Also, during Halloween, soul of ancestor comes back this world but here is one different point. In Halloween, ghosts come back too with soul of ancestors and ghosts attack children. Children in America wear costumes of ghosts to protect themselves and trick ghosts.


     Third, I will introduce some interesting points. At Halloween, children wear costumes of ghost and this appearance is very cute. I often see cute foreign children at Halloween on TV. Japan doesn’t have this custom so it’s very interesting. At Obon, a lot of people gather in our grandparent’s house so we can talk with many relations. In my case, a lot of relatives gather so I enjoy talking and seeing them every year.


     I introduced Halloween and Obon. I could learn the origin is very different between Halloween and Obon. I noticed that the content is different too. Finally, I told interesting points about each event. Japan has a good event “Obon”, America has a good event “Halloween”. Of course, there are a lot of different points between Obon and Halloween but if we understand the meaning of each event and accept it, we can build deeper relationship. I want you to know information of each event deeply.



Hi Atushi. I read your topic about Halloween and obon.
Your topic content is very interesting and good research.
I can understand this content easy, so I want to say your English is very clearly.
No misstake. I think Halloween and Obon is very interesting too. Your opinion is very good. I agree with you.
Please continue use clearly English.

Thank you for reply. When I saw your comment, I was glad. However I’m not good writer so I have to study more and more.
By the way, I want to ask you different point between Halloween and Obon. As you told me, Halloween and Obon has many interesting points so I’d like to listen to your opinion deeply. I’m looking forward to receiving your reply.

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