You Should Go to Nagasaki Once at Least

by tas on February 2, 2015 - 2:18am

Have you ever been to Nagasaki in Japan? Nagasaki has many sightseeing spots, delicious foods and history. Do you know that? My grandmother from Nagasaki. I went to there when I was 17 years old. Nagasaki has a lot of beautiful nature. I like it very much and I like Nagasaki. Therefore, I am going to talk about food, theme park and history of Nagasaki. I want you to think that you want to go to Nagasaki by my introduction.
First, I will introduce about delicious foods in Nagasaki. There are a lot of delicious foods. I recommend Nagasaki chanpon, sponge cakes and Sasebo burger. These are very delicious. I went to Nagasaki in last spring with my friends. We ate these foods. I want you to eat these foods. At first, about Nagasaki chanpon. Nagasaki chanpon thought-up by Chen Pinshun. He was owner in the Shikairo. Shikairo is Chinese restaurant in Nagasaki. Nagasaki Chanpon is noodles. Many vegetable into the Nagasaki Chanpon, so it is good for your health. Next, sponge cakes. It is called Casutera in Japan. The name came from “Castilla” in Spanish and “Castela” in Portuguese language. Japan was sealed off to the outside world, but only Nagasaki traded with Holland, so Nagasaki is recognized as the cradle of the sponge cakes in Japan. Bunmeido is the best known for the sponge cakes. Many people buy the sponge cakes as a souvenir when they go to Nagasaki. Do you like sponge cake? If you like sponge cake, I think you have to eat the Bunmeido’s sponge cakes. Next, Sasebo burger. Have you ever eaten the hamburger? This is very famous hamburger in Japan. Sasebo in Nagasaki is recognized as the cradle of the Japanese hamburger. I recommend “Hikari”. This is Sasebo burger store. When I went to Nagasaki, I ate the burger in this store. It’s taste very good. Please go to there and eat the hamburger.
Second, I will introduce about theme park in Nagasaki. The theme park's name is Huistenbos. It is famous theme park in Nagasaki. The theme park has four concept. First, kingdom of flowers, because we can see a lot of flowers at all times of the year in this park. Second, kingdom of shine, because we can see very beautiful luminary in October 31 to April 13. Third, kingdom of games, because we can do many games and do experience many athletic. Fourth, kingdom of music and shows, because we can listen to a lot of music and watch a lot of shows in there. I went to there with my friends in last spring. It was very exciting. We can eat a lot of food for less. Of course, you can eat Nagasaki Chanpon in there. It is very delicious. Thus, we rode a four-seater bicycle. It was very exciting! We laughed at all times for stay there, and we watched many luminaries in there. These are very beautiful! I was surprised at that. We enjoyed Nagasaki Huistenbos. I think you should go to the theme park when you go to Nagasaki.
Third, I would like to talk about famous history of the Nagasaki. Nagasaki is known for atom-bombed city all over the world. Of course, you know. In August 9th 1945, the atom-bomb dropped in Nagasaki. Many people became a casualty of the atom-bomb. The Nagasaki city was broken by this bomb. Now, the city was restored to its former state, and the city was born again in the way of peaceful city. My grandmother watched a lot of burning when she was young, so she told me about the war. I think we are never forget this war. I would like you to think about this war when you go to Nagasaki.
In conclusion, Nagasaki is very good place to trip. We can see a lot of beautiful things, eat delicious foods, and learn about war in Nagasaki. We will be able to feel that peace is important by trip of Nagasaki. I recommend going to Nagasaki to you. I like Nagasaki very much. I would like to go to Nagasaki. I want to eat Casutera of Bunmeido. Do you think that want to eat it? I think you should go to Nagasaki once at least.

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