Winter Olympics

by Batman★ on December 11, 2014 - 1:14am

Today, I am going talk about Olympics. How many kind of do you think? There are 33 competition, kind of 51games and more than 400 items in Olympics in 2011. However in summer Olympics there are 26 competition and kind of 36 games. Winter Olympics there are 7 competition and kind of 15 games, so I noticed winter Olympics.

At first, I introduce about kind of games. Do you like winter sports? I love winter sports. There are kind of 15 games, for example alpine skiing, cross country ski, ski jump, biathlon, snowboarding, speed skating, figure skating, bobsled, curling and so on. Now be in hold the spotlight is figure skating and ski jump. So second paragraph is figure skating, third paragraph is ski jump.

At second, I will introduce about Yuzuru Hanyu. Do you know Yuzuru Hanyu? He comes from Miyagi. He is 20years, he was born in 1994, December 7. Now he has been attracting attention for the worldwide because he is a medalist of the in 2014 Sochi Olympic men's singles. It is a splendid achievement. He won gold medals in the first Japanese Winter Olympics, so he left behind a name in the history become famous. But recently, he was injured. He had to clash with Chinese players during practice, so he sewed off the chin and hard blow to head. But he was very strong, he did performance.

At third, Sara Takanashi. She became Japan representative in ski jumping for 2014 Sochi Olympic. She is 18yers and she was born in 1996 October 8th. She had been expected to a medal, but she didn’t get a medal. She was four place. Do you know Ski jumping? Ski jumping is to come down while accelerating the hill, and jumped from the railroad crossing platform, vying for beauty and distance of form between flying competition. Ski jumping is one of the Nordic skiing. Also we can do it in the summer, called summer jumping. In 2018, Next Winter Olympics host country is Korea. She is expected in Japan.

In conclusion, there are so many competitions for Winter Olympics. But I think that we don’t know too much about the Winter Olympics compared to the Summer Olympics, so we should be more attention. Let's hope the Japanese players in the 2014 Winter Olympics. Thank you for reading!!!!!

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