by J-U on October 20, 2014 - 1:57am

     Today,I will tell you about the Japanese Transportations.for example,Japanese train”shinkansen”.it is very useful for everyone.because ,it has three pors points.You can relax while raidng the shinkansen,can doing anything and eating ekiben.
     The first,I going to talk about the first point. people can relax while raidng train,because it is very useful and safety for us. Shinkansen is faster than other transportation on the grand. In addtion,Shinkansen have never peopole can relax while raidng Shinkansen.
     Second,people can do anything,for example reading a newspaper,you can sleeping and working your anything.if you use the car or buss,you can’t doing anything.the train is drived by train driver.They are very good driving well.they have traing before they drive the train,because train is the very defficult to drive.So if you doing the anything,you should get the train,but you should know the is very important for us to ride a trains.people don’t have to use the is very important for us,while riding a if you protect the rules,everyone very comfortable when we ride a train.
     Finally,I recommend Ekiben when you ride a train.but I don’t know the ekiben.because my home town is the Okinawa,there hasn’t the train.I want to eat the ekiben.people buy ekiben when they ride the train.there kind of lunch or dinner.those are very cheep and colerful.I want to eat something famous ekiben.and I want to ride a train of Shinkansen.but I don’t know how to ride a train.the ekiben is unique,for example sometime you pull the HIMO,that is hot.and these have a lot of valuations.I was surprised when I heard it.
Conclusion,I want to eat ekiben and the ride the trian,in addition I want to use the Shinkansen when i go to travel around the Japan

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