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Marina Ido
Japanese transportation

I’m going to talk about Japanese transportation. I will introduce about 3 my favorite Japanese transportation. 3 my favorite Japanese transportation are all train. Train name are Sanyo train, JR, and loop line in Osaka.
At first, I will introduce about “Sanyo train” in Hyogo to Osaka. This train is stop to Himeji from Umeda. Kameyama station of this train is near my house, so I ride this train every day! This train was established in 1933, so I think this train is old. This train is very small. This train is 2 types. One is normal train that stops at the station of all. The other is express train that does not stop at the station of all. Normal train is usually 3 vehicles, so it is very small. Express train is usually 6 vehicles. Not women-only vehicle. All train of Sanyo train is small, so it is full of people in the morning. But I love Sanyo train all of the train!! Thank you in the future Sanyo train!!
Second, I will introduce about JR.
JR is very famous in Japan because it stops all over Japan. This train was established in 1987, so JR’s history is shallower than Sanyo train. This train stops in Himeji, so I ride this train every day too. This train is separate West Japan and East Japan. I usually ride “JR west japan”. There are many kind of train in JR. I’m sorry I don’t know many train of JR, but I know kind of train speed. There are three types in JR train speed. The name is “Shinkaisoku”, “Kaisoku”, and “Futsu”. “Shinkaisoku” is the fastest in three, so I necessary ride “Shinkaisoku” train. I love JR train!
Third, I will introduce about loop line’ train in Osaka. I know only Osaka’s loop line, so I introduce Osaka’s loop line. This train was established in 1996, so history is short. This train is one of kind of JR train. I often ride this train when I go to the USJ and Osaka-jo Hall. In the morning, there are full of people in this train because this train is a little small. I don’t like crows, but I love loop line’s train!
In conclusion, there are many kinds of train in Japan. Among them, I like these trains because I often ride these trains. I will ride these train in the future. Thank you for reading!

Your text is very good!! You used many picture, it’s nice. I could understand your text. Good job!!!!! Thank you!!

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