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My introduse Turezum ✌
I am going talk about turezum that food design and, design original experience. Do you know the design experience?? For example bait spear experience, daibing, make a T-shirt and so on. At first, I introduse about make foof sample. Second is introduse about Kitakoubou in Kobe. Please reading.
This experience is very interesthing,because you can make iphone cace and pen cace, hairpin,USB, food sumple and so on. you can make like one of a genuine. But this experience it takes many times. May be You need about 2 ahors. However you can take very good only original things. This experience can play in all most Tokyo and osaka. If you will go to making iphone cace, I recommend you go to in osaka hirano. You have to bring 2980yen and curiosity. In Osaka food sample factory, they always kindly teaches us how to way, because you don’t worry

Next, I recommend experience is Kitanokoubou. The factory is in Kobe. This factory take third Tuesday off. This factory that we can take a lot of various activity. Especially I recommend one that can make original aroma candle. You can choose that you like one of collar and form. You don’t have to get a reservation for that. You can allowed to take it back home that the day. The make cost is 1680 yen. However, this any doll is extra. All most doll is 270 yen. I have two reason why I recommend to this make experience, first I think that can make memory with precious person, second is I think that project is looks very interesting too.
Next, I think very good one of making that Kaoribukuro.
This Kaoribukuro means that you can collect like smell. You can make only you like smell. This powder use to things of natural. You can make that incense same smell. And, this cost is 1260 yen.
Last, I introduce about original cop. You drawing the original picture. The cost is 1458 yen. The cop is hot and ice ok!!! Very convenient and I think that this cop is pleased if you present for friend or family.
There are a lot of interesting make experience there. I want to you to go with precious person in there. Please make good memory with love person. Have a good memory day  thank you for readi


This article is very nice. because I don't know that these experience. so i read this article and i want to made a aroma candle.

Hello rain!
Your text is very good. I could understand but you should be careful checking grammar.
Thank you for your reading :)

They are interesting tourism. Is the making of food sample is difficult? I want to do it!

I read your article. Your article was great. I thought that want to go with precious person in there. Also I thought that want to make good memory with love person there.
Thank you good article.

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