Tokyo Olympics

by Puppy on December 10, 2014 - 8:54pm

     I will introduce about Tokyo Olympics. The Olympics are held in Tokyo in 2020. Also Japan has held the Olympics in 1964, it's the second time in the Olympics Tokyo in 2020 that the Olympics have held in Japan. People in Japan are looking forward to this Olympics. Also the Olympics brings about a variety of benefits. So, I think you want to explain whether there is any advantages, also, there is any disadvantages.
     Do you know about the Olympics Tokyo in 1964? Tokyo Olympics of 1940 convention was held for the first time in the Asian region, it is also the first ever Olympic in nonwhite races nation. Historically, Japan has made a rapid revival to defeat in World War II, the Olympics had a symbolic meaning to return to the center of the international community again. In addition, 1960s from the 1940s, debutants was followed by Asia and African countries that have achieved sequentially independent, it became participation number of countries of record highs. ¹
     At next, I introduce about the advantages of Tokyo Olympics in 2020. Why the Olympic that require a large amount of money hold. Because there is a lot of Advantages. One of them is to show the authority by Tokyo Olympics. The Olympic host country is visited by many people from all over the world, spectators, athletes and its participants to participate in the competition, also is visited many mass media. And it especially become a big topic in the world. Olympic is a global celebration attention gather. So, Host country are able to show the authority of the country. And If Japan was able to show the authority in a foreign country, territorial dispute may be resolved. Even apart from this, there are reason that expected to energy improvement of people in the Tokyo Olympics, expected a large economic effect and induce a new employment and Environment is improved by Tokyo Olympics. ²
     At last, I introduce about the disadvantages of Tokyo Olympics in 2020. Advantages caused by 2020 Tokyo Olympics have attracted attention. But there are some disadvantages. That I think the most disadvantage is that the National Stadium is dismantled. Because National Stadium has very history, there here has been packed with a dream of high school football players. So it is very sad that it is destroyed. Even apart from this, deteriorating security by the Tokyo Olympics is a concern, labor force is concentrated on the Tokyo Olympics and it is a concern the impact of the Tokyo Olympics by disaster and it remains concerned about the sale of the facility after the event. ³
     From the above, Tokyo Olympic brings a variety of advantages and disadvantages to Japan. Also, People in Japan is looking forward to the Olympics. I hope that the Tokyo Olympic Games will be successful. And I thought that I want to go and watch Tokyo Olympics in the future.

Tokyo Olympics in 1946


The National Stadium


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Hello again, Puppy! We are the same members, Misaki Kishi and Azusa Sugimoto. We are looking forward to holding Tokyo Olympics in 2020. We would like to go to Tokyo in order to watch some games. Misaki is the most interested in the soft ball games. She would like to watch it with her friend, who has played soft balls since she entered high school. She can explain the games in detail. However, the game has not been decided yet by The Olympics games association. Thus, she hope that it will carried out. On the other hand, Azusa is the most interested in the figure skating, but this Olympics will fall on summer. Therefore, I am disappointed that I can’t watch it, but my interest isn’t destroyed at all. I want to watch another live performance. In conclusion, we want the day to come soon. We really can’t wait!

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