Three classmates's summer vacation memory

by Puppy on October 6, 2014 - 2:54am

I will introduce about memory of three classmates’ summer vacation. The classmates is Tomoki and Keiichi and Jin.
The first is Tomoki Umeda. He went live of Golden Bomber during summer vacation. The Golden Bomber is Japanese band. They are very popular and famous for an air band. Their live is very interesting and be apt to go to extremes. I thought that I want to go to their live, too.
Moreover, he had a BBQ with classmates of University. I also wanted to join BBQ with him. But, I couldn’t visit in his home, because it’s too far. At last, I asked him a question “Were you able to spend substantial summer vacation?”  He answered “I was able to spend substantial summer vacation.
  The second is Keiichi Mishima. He came from Hiroshima. So, he went home in Hiroshima for one week using summer vacation. And, he went to Itsukushima Shrine two days. Itsukushima Shrine is dedicated to the god of three women. The first day went to it with family, the second day went to it with his friend. And, he answered that one week in Hiroshima could have a good time. Other than one week, he spent that held BBQ in Tomoki’s house with classmates of University, or worked a part time job during summer vacation.
  The last is Jin Uehara. He came from Okinawa, so he also went home in Okinawa using summer vacation. He had a good time that enjoyed himself with friend and girlfriend, or drove the car. He spent most of the summer vacation in Okinawa. Moreover, he also joined BBQ in Tomoki’s house with classmates of University. His summer vacation also lived a full life.
 In conclusion,
I thought that they spent various summer vacation. And, I wanted to go to Tomoki’s house that was held BBQ. My summer vacation wasn’t as fun as them.


I read your article. Your friends’ memories of summer vacation were very interesting. I'm sorry you couldn't go to Tomoki's house. Jin is from Okinawa, also I'm from Okinawa. I went back Okinawa in summer too, and I hang out with Jin and other friends. I'm glad to know that Jin said it was fun. Also, I found some mistakes in your article. You said "He went live of Golden Bomber during summer vacation”. I think “He went to Golden Bomber’s live during summer vacation” is better sentence. This time, I heard your friends’ memories of summer vacation, so I want to hear your summer vacation memory next time.

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