by 002 Ryu.A on October 8, 2014 - 10:35pm

I heard this summer vacation’s memories of two my classmates, and they sound like so happy. I felt that they spent very substantial summer vacation, so I will introduce about their memories of this vacation.
At first, I introduce Megumi’s summer memory. She went to Ishikawa with her boyfriend, live in Ishikawa. That time, she saw Ishikawa gate and hanged out with friends. Also, she went to Spa World with her university friends in September 26th. That time, she enjoyed a lot of baths and salt sauna, but she did not seem to be in the sauna for a long time. I have never been to Ishikawa and Spa World, and I also have never known and seen Ishikawa gate, but I am interested. So I want to go in either even once sometime.
Next, I introduce Yuu’s summer memory. She went back to Okinawa and stayed for a month. Okinawa is her home town. That time, she ate very delicious food, played fireworks with her local friends and went to Ikema Island in Okinawa. In there, she enjoyed playing some marine sports. She seemed to really enjoy. Also, she went to Saitama to watch basketball game. She said that all players that participated in the game were high level. I thought it sounded very exciting.
In conclusion, I thought that I felt that their summer vacations were really substantial and they really enjoyed summer vacation. To be frank, I felt them enviable. I worked part-time in convenience store on a half of the summer vacation, and I think it was the worst memory. However, if I had only one memory, it was that I participated in summer music festival as a member of the citizen's brass band. Only this was the really best memory during this vacation. Therefore, I’d like to spend really substantial in next summer vacation.


I could enjoy reading this article, thanks. However I couldn't understand "However, if I had only one memory, it was that I participated in summer music festival as a member of the citizen's brass band." what does this mean? You had one memory, didn't you? Why you used "if". I want to know it. "I thought that I felt that" is not good writing, I think.
Moreover, you used too much relative pronouns to understand. You can writer better sentences.
I could know that many people can enjoy summer vacation, it is so good thing. Everyone should enjoy it. I think summer is the best season to travel, driving, hanging out, and so on.
I hope you will be able to enjoy it in next summer vacation!

I read your article. I think that your friends could enjoy their summer vacations. I have never been to Ishikawa prefecture too. I want to go there in the winter because I heard the winter view is very beautiful. I have never seen snow because I’m from Okinawa, so I want to see and touch it. I hanged out with Yuu and other friends who are from Okinawa when we stayed in Okinawa. I think I could spend very good time on that time, so I’m glad to hear that Yuu could spend good time too. I hope you can spend good time and make good memory in next summer.

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