summer vacation

by Flash on October 6, 2014 - 3:07am


Kiyoka Mitani


     I heard three people in this summer vacation memories Marina, Megumi and Yu.

     First, Marina went to concert in Kyosera dome with her Friend. Her friend’s name is Misaki Ino. Misaki and Marina are very good friend. They enjoy this concert. This concert appear the “EXILE” concert name is “EXILE REVOLUTION” They loved EXILE. Marina’s most like member is Kenjiro. They call “Ken chan” He seem very good looking. They sheet were far from EXILE. This concert had four hour and 40 minutes. It is very, very long time. So, they were very tired. But they were very fun and enjoy.

     Second, Megumi had many enjoy in this summer vacation. She went to Ishikawa Sep 2 to 3. Ishikawa station was very big. She and her friends ate and drunk. And she went to Spa world with University friends. She enjoyed many big slider. She came in Onsen and Soult Sauna bath. She can relax in Spa world. I wanted to go there. So I will go there next time. And she went to shopping and Karaoke many times with her many friends. She had a good and nice time in this summer vacation.

     Third, Yu came back Okinawa in 1 month. Okinawa is her hometown. She did many things and went many place with her local friends. She swam in the sea. And she went to Ikema island. She did some marine sports. She most interesting marine sports was “Bisket” It is very exciting. I have never been marine sports, so I want to do it. She went to fireworks. It seems very beautiful. She went to Tokyo Disney Land. She couldn’t met Mickey Mouth. She was disappointed this things in memory of Tokyo Disney Land. She had a nice summer vacation. Thank you for reading. 

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