summer vacation

by Superman☆ on October 6, 2014 - 3:03am

Marina Ido

Today, I will talk about the classmate’s summer. I will introduce Megumi, Yuu, and Kiyoka’s summer memory. Their summer vacation was wonderful life.
At first, I will talk about Megumi’s summer. In September 2 and 3, she went to Ishikawa with her boyfriend because her boyfriend’s hometown is Ishikawa. She saw Ishikawa gate and played his friends. And in September 26, she went to Spa World with university friends. She rode big slider and went into the hot springs. And many days, she went shopping and karaoke with many her friends. Her summer vacation was very happy and fun!
Second, I will talk about Yuu’s summer. Her hometown is Okinawa so She went back home for 1 month. She played firework and swam beautiful sea with her local friend in Okinawa many days. And she went to Ikemazima. There are many marine sports in Ikemazima so she said, “marine sports is very interesting!!”. I don’t know Ikemazima so I want to go to Ikemazima. And then, she went to Saitama because to go to watch a basketball game of her friend. Her friend’s university is Waseda. Basketball team of Waseda University is very strong but her friend is regular member. I think her friend is good at basketball. Her summer vacation was very happy and fun too!
Third, I will talk about Kiyoka’s summer. In many days, she went to USJ with her friend. She has USJ’s 1 year passport so she could go there many times. Her best memory of USJ was Harry Potter. She saw Hogwarts castle in Harry Potter area. She was surprised at the size of the castle. Incidentally, she waited 120 minutes to ride Harry Potter attraction. Another day, she went Tsutenkaku and saw the Robin Mask. She took the picture with Robin Mask. I don’t know Robin Mask. Her summer vacation is very happy and fun too!
In conclusion, I think their summer vacation was very happy. I want to go Ishikawa, Okinawa, and Osaka。



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