Summer Vacation

by 016 Nambahacchi on October 6, 2014 - 2:49am

Meika went to Tokyo Disney Resort or summer vacation.
She showed Disneyland show once Upon a time. It was very beautiful and met Mickey and Minnie. But she took no picture with Mickey and Minnie. Because there are very famous so, waiting time is very long. She was the best memory Resort. She bought a lot of souvenirs. She likes eating. She likes cakes. She bought a lot of TOKYO bananas, but she did not give hand a souvenir for me.

Tomohiro returned to the hometown in summer vacation. His hometown is Shizuoka. He worked all the time in a food factory until he returned to the hometown. He played a lot in a hometown. He played every day. He made many memories in a hometown and came back to happened to him a few days later.  He fell down on a motorcycle by a bad mannered driver. His motorcycle was broken and did not work. Himself was wounded in an arm, too. I was substantial to last in his summer vacation, but fell into the bottom in the last.

Akinari took the license of the car in summer vacation. He went to the driving school every day. He had the examination of the temporary license on the 15th day, but I failed in an examination because he had low ability for driving. He did his best after he failed in an examination. I passed all an examination from there. He took the driver's license in approximately one month. He went to Nara Park by the first driving after he took the driver's license. He went with a friend. They bought a souvenir to see a deer and returned. He took the driver's license and was excited. It was a driver's license in his summer vacation.

Everyone enjoyed in this summer vacation.


Thank you for your writing, and I enjoyed reading it.
Your topic makes my feeling exciting, so I want to go back to summer vacation.
Especially, I did the same experience as Akinari. I also acquired the license of the car during summer vacation. It was good memory for me to acquire the license of the car.
Moreover, I also have hometown same as Tomohiro. I also spent the majority of time in the hometown during summer vacation. Hometown is very big existence for me. Tomohiro might surely be also the same feeling.
Meika seems to have spent very happy summer vacation. Sounds good.

I could know other people’s summer vacation. They looked enjoying summer vacation. Sometimes, I couldn’t understand what he wants to write, so I was guessing. I wanted to enjoy summer vacation like them. I also got car license, it is very useful ID. Everyone should get it.
In all paragraphs, there are many mistakes, for example; I and he appeared in one paragraph, so I couldn’t understand who did it, who had it.
Moreover, you shouldn’t use “But” and “So” beginning of sentences. It is a big mistake. I could feel your effort. It is important. You will be able to write better sentences than this article.

Did you talking with your friends about Summer Vacation?? These were very interesting. And then, Did you enjoy your Summer vacation days?? I thought you were very busy to work, isn't it? Anyway Thank you for writing.

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