Spotlight of 2020 Olympic

by Mariechan on December 8, 2014 - 1:19am

Spotlight of 2020 Olympic


Meika Wada


Last year, selected the 2020 Olympic host city and decided to Tokyo. Back then I watched on TV this news. It was very surprised and happy. What did you feel when you heard this news? So today, I will introduce about my favorite sports and athletes.

First I will introduce about figure my favorite sports. I like figure skate because it is very beautiful and amazing sports. But this sports is very difficult and needed bendability and beauty. My favorite figure skater is Yuzuru Hanyuu. Do you know him? He is figure skater. He is the 2014 Olympic champion. He is the first champion in Japanese men figure skater. But last month, he was in a major accident. It was he collided with Chinese figure skater and he dropped one's blood very much. So we were worried about that he keep going that game. But his performance was very good and he got a high score.[i] I was very surprised and I proud of him. Because I think he is very brave man. So I want to be a like him. And I want to be appearing him 2020 Olympic. Next my favorite sports is soccer. Because soccer’s rule is very easy. So everybody can easy to understand. And soccer can play with just one ball. So everybody can play soccer. My favorite soccer player is Keisuke Honda. Because he is very handsome. Do you like him? He belong to AC Milan and Japan. His position is forward and midfielder. He is representation from Japan[ii]. And in recent days. Japanese soccer team’s coach was changed. New coach is Javier Aguirre. But he is suspected to match-fixing[iii]. So if it is true he will must be fired. But I believe him. So I hope that it is proved to be incorrect.

Finally I will introduce about highlight of 2020 Tokyo Olympic. First is new National Stadium. It seating capacity is 80000 people. Where will be used opening and closing ceremony in Olympic. In other it will be playing soccer and rugby and athletic sports[iv]. Next is miner sports. It is cockshy, golf, fishing and so on. I did not know that there is these sports. So I want to spectate these sports.

I’m looking forward to 2020 Tokyo Olympic. So I want to go to watch 2020 Tokyo Olympic. And I want to speak English well until Tokyo Olympic. So I will study hard and I will do my best.



Hello Mariechan!!!!!!
I red your text. It was very interesting topic. I wrote same topic last writing. I'm looking forward to Tokyo Olympic in 2020. I pay attention by swimming in partiqular. What do you pay attention in the Tokyo Olympic Games?
Thank you for your writing.

Hi :^) How are you??
I like figua skert too. when I watched M's MAO, I was surprised, because her play is so beautiful. However, I think Why they are turn them eye's?? If you know about it, please teach me <3

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