Reason That I Want to be English Teacher

by Puppy on February 2, 2015 - 1:58am

     Do you have a dream? I have a dream. My dream is teacher. I want to be an English teacher in high school. Also I think that I want to teach soccer, however you will not know why I want to be an English teacher in high school, so I am going to explain why I want to be an English teacher and why I want to teach soccer.
     I met a lot of teacher until now. For example, some teacher played the guitar that winding the bandana on his head, and has released a CD, some does not wear the same clothes, so she was called us “Fashionable Bancho” and the other was a teacher of newlywed talk about wife. In this way it was a lot of teacher, and there are two teacher who gave an impact on me among them. The first teacher is my class teacher when I was a first year student in junior high school. He was mandatory retirement this year, so we were his last student. Also he was enthusiastic schoolteacher that teaches us English. When I talked him for the first time, I thought that he is clingy person, but we knew that this action is act of thought the student. For example, when students performed bad behavior something, he makes bad student do sit upright (Seiza), and, he also talks sit upright with students. He said “sit upright is corporal punishment, so I also do sit upright with student, I share the suffering, and I will preach to him”. In this way, he is a caring teacher, so I thought a little that want to be teacher like him.
     However I was not able to choose the one that there are a lot of occupations I would like to work in addition to the teacher this time. I also wanted to be police officers, nurses and sport trainer and work of TV relationship in addition to the teacher. However, when I was a first year student in high school, I decided to become an English teacher of high school thanks to my class teacher. My class teacher is woman, her first impression was kindly. Also she was a friendly teacher like she said “it doesn't matter to call me in the nickname”. Moreover, her father is a foreigner, she often gave us an interesting story of foreign. She soon became popular person of student. I was longing to her, and when I was a school trip of second year student in high school, I was playing with a friend. But the feeling is increased by a school trip, and we had caused the problem. We had five people but, all member were her student, when we were a first year student in high school. We were got angry teachers, of course we were got angry her, but she said while crying “I am also bad. It is bad that I was not taught everyone firmly. You just is not the bad. I'm really sorry”. And she apologized to teachers with us. At this time, while we were crying in sympathy, apologized with everyone, and I thought I had a very good teacher. Also I thought that want to be the same teacher with her, and wanted to be a teacher that be able to care for students like her, so, I want to be an English teacher of high school in the future.
     At last, I also think that want to teach soccer in high school. I have played soccer for twelve years, and when I was a third year student in high school, I have participated in national competition. However, we lost in the first round. I was mortifying, so I hope to win the students instead of me when I was a soccer teacher. Therefore I think that want to study football leaders in college. Eventually I want to win the national competition with a team that I brought up.
     From the above, I want be English teacher in high school like them, want to teach soccer, so I study more English at this university, I will do my best to become a teacher that be able to consider the student.


I can see the passion how you wanna be a teacher. I know it is not easy to take teacher licence and soccer things too but let's just keep going to the goal

This article is very good, because it is easy to understand. I have a dream. I want to be a Japanese teacher, so we must study hard and I will do my best!!

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