The Place that Can Meet Anpan-Man

by tas on December 15, 2014 - 1:17am

Do you know Anpan Man? This is one of the most famous character in Japan. This is a main character of the animated cartoon that names “Let’s go! Anpan Man” (それいけ!アンパンマン) I used to watch this cartoon film when I was kindergarten child. This cartoon film knows all the Japanese. It was made by Takashi Yanase. Anpan Man is a hero for children. His face is made from Anpan, so he deal his face for everyone. And his friends are love and courage. He contend with Baikin Man. Baikin Man is dishonest man, so Anpan Man fight against Baikin Man. This cartoon film is very good. And there are place that we can meet Anpan Man. Today, I would like to talk about Anpan Man museum.
Have you ever ben to Anpan Man museum? I will introduce about Anpan Man Museum. It is famous place in Japan. There is it in Kobe. We can meet Anpan Man in there. The message as "love and the courage" "the gentleness and friendship" that look after Anpan Man sends well. There is the place where the world of Anpan Man spreads through. We can enjoy many athletic inthe Anpan Man Museum. And we can eat reservation food in there. There are a bread factory of Jam daddy(ジャムおじさんのパン工場). We can eat character of Anpan Man shaped bread in there. These are very delicious and cute. You should go to there, if you come to Anpan Man Museum. Many people buy these bread when they went to Anpan Man Museum. Also we can shopping in there. The place is very interest.
Next, I recommend Kobe Harborland. There are nearby Anpan Man Museum. It is very beautiful place. This is because we can see beautiful vie in there. I often go to there with my friend. Then we can eat many kinds of food and shopping in there. I like Harborland very much. Please go to there.
If you come to Kobe in Hyogo, please go to Anpan Man Museum. I recommend it. However, I don’t remember time that I went to there. This is because I went to there when I was so young. Therefore, I would like to go to there once more. And if a child is born to me, I would like to take my child there. Thank you for reading.

Kobe Harberland
(Accessed 12/11/14)
Kobe Anpanman children museum
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Hi tas! This article is interesting. I have been to go this museum twice. But I read it, I understand that the place that I did not know.

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