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I will talk about Olympics. I will introduce about popular Olympic sports in Japan. Do you know Olympic sports? Do you like Olympic sports? Popular Olympic sports in Japan are soccer, track and field, and volley ball. I will introduce about these sports. I want to play these sports!

At first, I will introduce about soccer. Soccer is the most popular Olympic sport in Japan. This is search in 2012, so it may different now. Japanese soccer team called “Samurai Japan”. Team color is blue. I think Japanese soccer player is very handsome, so I often watch soccer game and Olympic game. Soccer Olympic started in 1908 , but Japan was not participate. Japan is a weak, so Olympic result always not good. Japan is a weak, but someone good at and famous in Japan team. For example, a man called Keisuke Honda. He is belonging to AC Milan of famous overseas team. His position is FW. He has a high technique. I don’t know him in detail, but he is a great soccer player. Soccer rule is difficult, so I don’t know many rules of soccer. I know about only don’t use hand. I expect Japanese soccer team next Olympic!

Second, I will introduce about track and field .Track and field carried out in 1896, but girls carried out in 1928. There are many competitions in track and field. For example, 100m run, marathon, hurdle run, and so on. Above all, I think the athlete that people most attention in Japan is Koji Murofushi. His event is hammer throw. In Athens Olympic, he got a gold medal. In London Olympic, he got a copper medal too. His power is horrible. Not only Murofushi but also there are many great players in track and field.

Third, I will introduce about volley ball.Japanese volley ball team is strong. Recently, Japanese boy team doesn’t get a medal, but Japanese girl team of Japan get a copper medal in 2012. I often watch volley ball game on TV. The athlete that I most attention is Saori Kimura. Her position is Wing Spiker. Her spike is powerful. Now, Japanese girl team to take in tactics called “Hybrid6”. It is great. Please check their play in Olympic!

In conclusion, Japanese sports athlete are great. I respect them. I believe Japanese soccer team can get a medal. I want Japanese athlete can get a medal more. I think Japanese athlete is strong. I’m looking forward to next Olympic!


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Hello Superman :^)
Your text was vrey interesting for me. I like soccer game and volley ball game too. My favorite soccer player is Matsui. Do you know Matsui? He is very cool! I like him, but he married, so I did not see him on TV recently. And my favorite volley ball player is Ebata. Do you know Ebata? She is very strong player. I like her spike very much.
Thank you for your writing.

Samurai Japan is very cool. I like Keisuke Honda and Shinji Kagawa. Their are very great soccer player so I want to watch game!

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