Olympic in Tokyo 2020

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Olympic in Tokyo 2020
5142048 Asuka Morita
In September 7, 2013, the Summer Olympic Games in 2020 was decided that will held in Tokyo. It surprised the world, and impressed people in Japan. Japan suppressed Istanbul (Turkey), Madrid (Spain) and was picked. This Olympic that it decided to be opened in Japan is the 32nd Game of the Olympiad. Today, I would like to talk about Tokyo Olympic in 2020.
First, I think many people don’t know history of Olympic, so I will introduce about history of Olympic. It became the predecessor of Olympic that Olympia Olympic Festival was played in Ancient Greece. It is so-called Ancient Olympian Games. The Ancient Olympic Games were started in the B.C. about ninth century. The modern Olympics are the sports festival that was ultimate aimed for world pace, but Ancient Olympic Games were religion event of the Hellenism culture and assumed Greece the center. Then why are the Olympics held once in four years? The reason has some opinions. It is the opinion which an ancient Greek spent a moon career for to be the most influential. Because it was approximately equal, eight years of the solar calendar which was generally used in the present age had the meaning that was important to a Greek in the ancient times in the period called eight years for eight years and three months of the lunar calendar. It was Shinto priesthood to control a calendar, and a festival came to be held every eight years, and it was later with a period for half four years. The first Olympic sport was racing. After, Ancient Olympics increase the number of items, and the back, the Ancient Olympic Games develop into a bigger festival.
Second, I will talk about the Olympic held in Tokyo in 2020. The Olympic will held in July 24th to August 9th in 2020. Game of the Olympic held in Asia is the way of 12 years fourth since Beijing Olympic. The holding in Tokyo is the way of 56 second since the last Tokyo Olympics, and the multiple times by the Asia’s first same city become held. A competition carried out by the Tokyo Olympics of 2020 is 28 competition. For example, track and field, swimming, dive, synchronized swimming, water polo, soccer, tennis, a rowing match, hockey, boxing, volleyball, beach volleyball and so on. The most attract attention sports is swimming. Then, track and field, exercise, the soccer attract attention too. Many people pay attention to the Tokyo Olympics of 2020.
What do you think about Tokyo Olympic? I think that it is to increase for Japan because many foreigners come in Japan by holding the Olympics, so it is a good opportunity to have people of the world know the Japanese good point. I want to have people around the world know that. Japanese OMOTENASHI is very good, so I think I want foreign people to experience Japanese OMOTENASHI.
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I want to go to there because I want to watch basketball game. This article is very nice.

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