New Year's Day

by Bazz lightyer on February 2, 2015 - 1:58am

New Year’s Day
5142035 Megumi Deguchi

I am going to talk about my New Year’s Day. How did you do your New Year’s Day? I was very hard because I did part time job many times. I work at yakiniku restaurant. I am working even in New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. When I went back my home after my work finished, time was already the middle of night every time. But I looked for free time and I went to meet many friends and my relatives, so I am going to talk about only my happy story.
At first, I am going to talk about December 27, 2014. When you were this time, what did you do? I went to Umeda to meet my high school’s friends. I belonged to PE class of high school. PE class is very friendly everybody so I look forward this day. We went to eat dish cooked in a pot at the table. It is “Akakara”, which is very hot and spicy. Do you know this shop? I like spicy foods so it was delicious for me. We talked about memorial story with my friends while eating. After we finished to eat, we went karaoke. We spent to enjoy time.
Second, I am going to talk about January 3, 2015. I went to my high school because I played basketball. Do you like basketball? I like basketball very much. I played games many times but our team lost all games. I thought that have to exercise more. I had a nice day.
Third, I am going to talk about January 4, 2015. I went to Namba because I met to my junior high school student’s friends. We ate hotpot dish featuring thinly sliced beef with vegetable. It means “syabusyabu”. This shop has an air of luxury. We told happy story and deep story. We are best friends!! It is important for me to meet their.
In conclusion, I had many nice time. I hate my part time job and I think that want to retire, but I am working and I have money. If I do not work, I cannot play with my friends because I have no money. I am working to want to meet my friends. My goal this year is to thank to my friends. I must be important every day, and when I want to meet important parson, I will go to meet soon. I hoop that become happiness for my important people.


Hello Megumi:^) Happy New Year!!! Your text was very good. You spent a good New Year's Day. I went to Nakayama temple in Janualy 2nd. Did you go to shrine?

Happy New Year!! I like this article, because New Years Day is one of the my favorite holiday in Japan. I trip every year, so it's very fun!!

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Hello. My name is Megumi Deguchi. please call me Megumi. I am from Osaka. I had been playing basketball for eight years. I like to eat sweets. I always go to USJ. I have a year passport of USJ. I like to listen to music and to watch movie. Thank you.