New Year's Day

by Puppy on February 2, 2015 - 1:55am

     I will introduce about New Year’s Day. There are a variety of lucky charm, good sign and events to celebrate the New Year in Japan. I want to explain one by one from among these, while drawing on my experience.
     At first, I explain about lucky charm in Japan. There are a lot of lucky charm in japan, there are Daruma, Rake, Beckoning cat, Seven Deities of Good Luck, etc. there is Hamaya in them. Hamaya is an arrow given as a lucky charm of the New Year by a temple and shrine. In Japan, an arrow is used as a good luck charm during the New Year's Day. I feel a strange when I looked at the Hamaya, this feeling is beyond description.
     At next, I explain about Hatsumoude. It is considered to particularly good luck to dream of Mount Fuji, a hawk and an eggplant. This belief has been in place since the early Edo period, but there are various theories regarding the origins as to why this particular combination was considered to auspicious. One theory suggests that this combination is lucky because Mount Fuji is Japan's highest mountain, the hawk is a clever and strong bird, and the word for eggplant suggests achieving something great. Another theory suggests that this combination arose because Mount Fuji, falconry, and early eggplants were favorites of the shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu.
     At last, I explain about Hatsumoude. Hatsumoude is First Visit to Shrine. Many Japanese people visit a Shinto shrine during the first three days of January in order to make traditional New Year’s wishes for health and happiness. This is called Hatsumoude, the first visit to a shrine. Hatsumoude has a special significance for the Japanese who attach particular importance to the beginning of a year. A Japanese proverb says, "New Year's Day is the time to make plans for the coming year." Also, when most people go to Hatsumode, they will draw the Omikuzi. Omikuzi is a written fortune. Omikuzi is one of lucky charm. But, I don’t draw the Omikuzi this year, moreover I don’t went to pay a visit to a shrine. So I think that I want to go to Hatsumode to draw someday written fortune.
      From the above, there are a variety of lucky charm, good sign and events to celebrate the New Year in Japan, it is interesting. If you have a chance, please more investigate about New Year.


Happy New Year!! This article is very nice, because it is easy to understand. New Years Day is one of the my favorite Holiday. And my omikuzi is very good in this year.

Hello Akinari:^)
Your text was very good. You explained about New Year's Day in a knowledgeable way. I could understand about your explanation. Thank you for your writing.

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