New Year’s Day

by Batman★ on January 31, 2015 - 3:59am

Today I will introduce about my New Year’s Day. What did you doing the New Year’s Day? New Year’s Day is January 1th. Do you know “Omisoka”? It means New Year’s Eve. Omisoka is December 31th. It is very important day for beginning New Year. This zodiac is sheep. Last year’s zodiac was horse. I ate Osechi, I went to the shrine to pray and watched first sunrise so I will tell you about these three things.

Frist, I went to the shrine with my mother and my sister, because we have to pray. We went to “Takeda shrine” it place is very famous for Yamanashi prefecture. Every New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day and Sanganichi there are so many people came it. Do you know Takeda Shingen? The Takeda shrine is site of the castle for him. We were money offered at a Shinto shrine (throw in a coin) and pray. We draw a fortune slip. My sister draw a very good luck, but my fortune slip was Syokichi.

Second, we ate Osechi and Toshikoshi soba. Do you know? It is New Year’s dishes. It contains a variety of dishes such as black beans, herring roe, a rolled omelet mixed with fish paste, steamed fish past and so on in a tiered of boxes. I like black soybean and Kurikinton. I made Osechi with my grandmother and my mother. It was very interested. We have to eat Toshikoshi soba in Omisoka. Toshikoshi soba is bringer of good luck. It is also Japanese culture and custom. It started from the Edo Period. It meaning that cut off from one year of disaster crisis this year.

Third, I watched first sunrise of the year with my sister. I’m from Yamanashi so when can watch first sunrise with Mt, Fuji. It is very beautiful and mysterious. At the time of sunrise, I pray, determination of wish and that year.

Finely in my conclusion, these three things are customary events for every New Year’s Day. There are a variety of traditions and culture in the New Year of Japan. I have also included this time introduce the three events. Of course there are some of events. For example, have one’s first dream of the year and New Year’s gift. Did you watched first dream? I didn’t watch. Did you got a New Year’s gift? Japanese New Year’s Day is very interesting. Thank you for reading!!!

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