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by dom on October 27, 2014 - 2:35am


 Today I will write about tourism. I introduce Shizuoka prefecture. Shizuoka prefecture has Mt, Fuji. 2013, June 6 Mt, Fuji became world heritage. Shizuoka prefecture is famous of some food and some drink. Shizuoka prefecture has Hamana Lake.
 First I’m going to write about Mt, Fuji. Mt, Fuji is very taller. The tall is 3776m. This is highest mountain in japan. The mountain is very beautiful. October to june you can see “yukigesyou”. “Yukigesyou” is snow piles up to mountain, snow make to up mountain. New Year’s first Day many people climb the mountain, because they want to see “goraikou”. “Goraikou” is see sunrise on mountain. If the mountain tall over 3000m, we can see very beautiful sunrise, so they want to see “goraikou” on Mt, Fuji. Mt, Fuji has interesting experience. The event name is
 Second I’m going to write about famous food and drink. In Suruga Bay’s Shirasu is very good. And Shizuoka prefecture’s marine food is very good. Shizuoka prefecture’s shape is goldfish. And I really recommend food is wasabi. Shizuoka prefecture’s wasabi is very good, because when they grow wasabi, they use snowmelt water of Mt, Fuji. If want to grow delicious wasabi you have to preparation clean water. Snowmelt water of Mt, Fuji is really clean water, so Shizuoka prefecture’s wasabi is really delicious. You can do experience of dig a wasabi to eat and bring your home. You can eat wasabi dig yourself in the place.
 Third I’m going to write about Hamana Lake. Hamana Lake is really beautiful Lake. You can play some marine sports. First banana boat. Maybe almost people know banana boat. Do you know tube rodeo? Tube rodeo is very exciting, because violently sway left and right, also rotation long time you can vie how long you can ride the tube with your friends. In Hamana Lake, you can party cruising. Party cruising is charter big ship. If you want to do big surprise for your family or friends you should charter ship. On the ship you can eat something drink something. I think that surely pleasant time, such as a colleague and a group, can be spent since 36 persons can ride. When a day sinks and it becomes dark, it will be colored a hull with illuminations and will help making recollections with a sufficient visitor in the great space of the light of a starlit sky and land.
 I think Shizuoka prefecture is good tourism point. If you come to Shizuoka prefecture you can enjoy every day. I recommend there please come to Shizuoka prefecture, but you have to get some appointments.


I want to go there. I want to see Yukigesyou. I like snow. it is interesting article.

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