New tourism in Japan

by Flash on October 22, 2014 - 10:29pm


Kiyoka Mitani

New Tourism in Japan

     I am going to talk about new tourism in Japan, so I will introduce three new tourism in Japan “experience making of food sample”, “experience making of kaleidoscope” and “experience dig a fossil “.

     First, “experience making of food sample”. Do you ever seen food sample? Of course, it can’t eat, so this new tour can making of food sample. Some stuff just go on and on about how to make it. You don’t worry. And it is easy for you. But why is not person who is hobby to making of food sample? Because there are three difficult problems. First of all, it need special material. Professional of making of food sample use vinyl chloride resin. But do you think where can you buy it? And it need equipment. It costs money to prepare equipment. At last, do you have person who teach a technique. There is no class that how to make of food sample. How about you?

     Second, “experience making kaleidoscope” Do you know kaleidoscope? It means “mangekyou” in Japanese. And it is very famous toy in Japan. Formerly, It was called “Hyakuiro megane” or “Nishiki megane”. It was imported in the Edo period. Inside is beautiful. Japanese may has seen when you are child, so this tour can make original kaleidoscope. A lot of beautiful beads enter the pipe. For example, star sand, petit shell, some beads and so on. You can choose items and put in pipe. It is easy. I want to make original kaleidoscope. I think that it is good for a present. It will be please.

     Third, “experience dig a fossil” Do you long an archaeologist? Or do you ever dig a fossil? This new tour can dig a fossil. Some place can dig fossil of dinosaur. It sound excite. And some place can dig amber. It is very beautiful and expensive jewel. But this tour is cheap. If I can dig many ambers, it is very profit. I think it can enjoy with family and it can learn about archaeology or old japan. It is studied very much. It can look that was discovered fossil footprint of dinosaur.

     I think that all tour are interesting for me. And I want recommend all tours for you. It can study, play and enjoy. I want you to go with family. Because I think increase the conversation in families. Thank you for reading.

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