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by Bazz lightyer on October 27, 2014 - 2:34am

I am going to talk about new tourism in Japan. I recommend many people about Nara prefecture. It can be special experience. For example, kimono experience, maiden in the service of a Shinto shrine and move deer near me experience. I am interested in it, because I live in near Nara. Nara culture is important for Japanese people, because it is very deep Japanese culture. So I tell you.
First, I am going to talk about kimono experience. Anyone can do kimono experience in Nara while business hours. And anyone also can stroll with kimono on. I am interested in it. Because it is the most popular in Japan. I want to wear it, because I did not wear only seven five three festival. But there are many rule when we owe it. Man is only 160 ~ 185 centimeters tall and women is only 145 ~ 175 centimeters. It has a capacity of 32 in a day. Fare is about 3000 yen. We have to prepare things are nothing. We can be happy the whole a day. This plan is very lucky. I thought that want to wear it.
Second, I am going to talk about maiden in the service of a Shinto shrine. This is also famous and tradition in Japan. I did not it, but I want to do this experience, because there are a lot of funny plan. Place is “kasuga taisha” in Nara. Requirement are only more 18 years old. And men cannot participate. It has a capacity of 1~5 in a day. Fare is about 30000 yen in 3 days and 2 night. (Contain hotel rate and meal rate) I wanted to do it.
Third, I am going to talk about move deer near me experience. It is Japanese is “shikayose taiken”. This program is while am 9 ~ 11 o’clock in near Nara station. Requirement is everybody ok. But it is expensive. It is 20000 yen, but Sunday and national holiday are 25000 yen. So this program cannot easy. But I want to do it, because I like deer very mush.
There can a lot of experience. These are culture and tradition in Japan. We should experience once as Japanese people. I am going to go to there, because live in near Nara. So I can go to Nara anytime. It is actually important for Japanese people to experience. Thank you for reading.


Your push is very good! I want to do these experience. Your text is written in a knowledgeable. Thank you.

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