Museums and Theme parks in Kansai area

by Flash on December 15, 2014 - 1:27am

Museums and Theme parks in Kansai area

     Have you ever been to go Japanese museum or theme parks? Japan has many interesting museums and theme parks. For example, Tokyo Disney Land, Fujikyu highland, CUPNOODLES museum[i] and so on. These museums and theme parks are in Kanto area. But Kansai area has interesting museum and theme park than Kanto. So I am talking to about museums and theme park in Kansai area.

     First, do you like Harry Potter? In this year, Universal Studio Japan opened new area. It is called “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter” If you can enter this area, you will be able to feel world of Harry Potter. Now, USJ is came by a lot of foreigners. Because these area has only Japan and America. And there are a lot of funny attractions. My recommend attraction is Space Fantasy the Ride. It is roller coaster in the room. I think it can ride that parson who dislike roller coaster. Please go there and ride it.

     Second, do you know anpanman?[ii] He is Japanese famous hero on animation. Many Japanese kids likes him. Kobe has his museum. It is called anpanman museum. This museum open in last year, so this is new place. But there is besides Kobe. This museum is the first anpanman museum in Kansai. This is separate of two area museum and moll. Museum must pay 1500 yen. But moll is free. You can enjoy even the use of the moll. I think be able to enjoy both children and adults.

     Third, do you have music box? People can relax when listening to music with a music box. Rokko music box museum can see and make music box. There are a lot of old and rare music box. And this place can make original music box. It is called Kobe music box. You can decide your favorite music. This experiences cost is 1600 yen to 1900 yen. It is very cheap. And there are many interesting concert. Please go there.

     In conclusion, I think Kansai area has interesting museums and theme parks than Kanto. If you will come Japan, you should go Kansai. And there are delicious foods. Thank you for reading.











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Hello Kiyosk (:38o 8)=3
Your writing was very good!! I thought I want to go to there that you recomended place. There are very famous place in Japan. You wrote familiar about theme park and museum. It's so good. Kansai has many popular theme park and museum. I often go to USJ. It is very exiciting place. Ilike there very much. Let's go to there together :^)
Thank you for your writing☆=

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