Japanese Unique Shops

by Flash on November 17, 2014 - 1:55am

Japanese Unique Shops

     Where is your shopping when you visit Japan? Japan has many unique shop, so today, I am going to talk about Japanese shop “100 yen shop”, “Maid cafe” and “Village Vanguard”.

     Imagine you can buy thing for all 100 yen. Japan is possible. Because Japan has shop that can buy all thing for 100 yen. The name is 100 yen shop. Japanese people often go there. Of cause I often go there too. There is 100 yen shop anywhere in Japan. There are sell anything. Do you think thing of 100 yen is easy to break? Some item is easy to break. But they are so cheap, so many people think there are no help for it. 

     Do you know maid? They are do clean room, cook meals, washing something and so on. They called house keeper or servant of the women. Some Japanese people like maid of woman. Because they wearing cute cloth. It is called maid cloth in Japan, so Japan has “maid cafe”. Women wearing maid cloth is service for us. There is in Akihabara Tokyo. Akihabara called holy place for Japanese “Otaku”. Maid cafe is visit mainly Otaku. How can you do in maid cafe? First, maid say “Welcome back master or ma’am.” And then, we order some drink or food. They give magic for food to be delicious. Maid is very cute. Now, they are popular in foreigner. Maid is culture in Japan.

      If you hold party, where you buy party goods? Or do you want to stationary and bag different from a parson? Village Vanguard sell many funny and strange goods, so young Japanese people use this shop. This place sell various things. For example, book, character goods, funny party goods, food and so on. I often buy book kin Village Vanguard. Because there are many book that other shop don’t sell and they sell book in other country. I often buy American comics. It cannot buy normal book store. And this place put funny and interesting pop. They are handmaid pop by this shop clerk. It is colorful, funny sentence. It is written to be interested in us, so please read it when you go this place. 

     As a result, I recommend these shops. And I have never been to Maid cafe, I thought that I want to go there by read some of site. Please go there when you visit in Japan. Thank you for reading. 









@home maid café official website


Village Vanguard official website


Daiso (100 yen shop)official website



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