Japanese Unique Fashion

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Kiyoka Mitani

Japanese Unique Fashion

     Do you know Carrie Pamyu-Pamyu(きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ)[i] She is famous Japanese singer. Why her famous? Because her fashion is unique. Her fashion’s name is Harajuku fashion. Do you want to wear who your favorite comic character’s clothes? This is called cosplay. It is popular Japanese culture. And it is popular in foreign country. Japanese traditional fashion is Kimono. It is beautiful Japanese cloth. So, today, I am going to talk about Japanese “Harajuku fashion”, “Cosplay” and “Kimono”

     First, do you know Harajuku? Harajuku is town in Tokyo. Harajuku fashion is famous by young people. Harajuku fashion is showy like Lolita or Boy’s style. Main item is parker, pannier, knee-high socks and so on. People who wearing famous Harajuku fashion is Carrie Pamyu-Pamyu, AMO and Tommy February6. I like them. They are very cute. I always refer them fashion on magazine. Japanese fashion magazine is very popular in foreign country. For example, KERA, Zipper and so on.

     Second, do you wear Cosplay? Cosplay’s real name is Costume play. Some people like to wear to comic character. It is Japanese popular culture. It is famous in Akihabara, Japan. Akihabara is many shop to sell comic, Cosplay, game and so on. There are cosplay festival in Japan. If you want to wear a cosplay, you should go there. Cosplayer is beautiful. For example Kipi[ii], Hiokichi and Uki Asami and so on. However, cosplay is not famous in Japan. Because it is sub culture, so cosplay is wear a just little bit people.

     Third, what do you think the most famous Japanese cloth? All most people say kimono. Kimono is Japanese traditional cloth. There are kind of Kimono. For example, Yukata, Kimono and Furisode. We wearing Yukata in summer festival. Because it is Kimono to summer. Kimono is wearing by Geisya. Furisode is wearing in special day. And it is not wear to married woman or old woman. Because it was made for young woman, so young people wearing a coming‐of‐age ceremony or wedding. Kimono is made by beautiful cloth. My recommend Kimono pattern is peony or butterfly. There are mean each pattern. Please check pattern of mean Kimono.

     Conclusion, we can wear favorite cloth. I recommend Japanese fashion to you, so please wear a Japanese Harajuku fashion or cosplay or Kimono. If you wear these cloth, you will become a Japanese. Thank you for reading.    










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