Japanese TV show and Movies

by tas on November 24, 2014 - 1:27am

Japanese TV Show and Movie

What kind of Japanese TV show and movie do you like? Today, I am going to talk about Japanese TV show and movie. Japanese people watch the TV every day, so many TV program on the air. And Japan has many movies, so many movies be screened in a year. Many Japanese people like TV show and movie. Therefor I would like to talk about my favorite TV show and movie.
First, I will introduce about my favorite Japanese TV show. My favorite TV show is “Getuyoukara yofukashi”(月曜から夜更かし). It means stay up late from Monday. This TV program is broadcasted from 23:59 on the middle of the night of Monday. This is a TV variety show. Emcee of “Getuyoukara yofukashi” are Shingo Murakami and Matsuko deluxe. Shingo Murakami is a member of Kanjani eight (関ジャニ∞). It is the program which this program shoves a neck for various matters becoming the topic in the world only a little and does not shove. This TV show is very interesting. I watch this TV show every week. It is most interesting TV show for me. You must watch this TV show.
Second, I will talk about my favorite Japanese movie. My favorite movie is “Mononoke hime” (もののけ姫). It called “Princes mononoke” in English. I like ghivli movies. I often watch “Princes mononoke”. This movie’s concept is “Live”. I learned that “living” is fabulousness from this movie. This movie’s pictures are very beautiful and real. The movie’s main character is Ashitaka. He is very cool and strong. His partner is Yakkuru. Yakkuru is a kind of deer. He is very fast. He likes Ashitaka. I like him. This movie’s heroin is San. She was grown by wolf. Her mother is wolf. Her name is Moro. San is Mononoke hime. This movie was written by Hayao Miyazaki. He is very popular movie director. Hayao Miyazaki made many movies. These are very fantastic movies. I like ghivli movies. And I recommend watching ghibli movies. Ghivli movie is very famous in all over the world.
I think I would like you to watch this TV show and this movie. I think these are very interesting for you. Please watch these TV show and movie. Thank you for reading.

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I like Japanese TV show and movie. I think Getsuyoukara Yofukashi is fun Japanese TV show too. And I like Mononoke Hime. It is the most interesting Ghivli movie.

I like these TV program and movie too. Getsuyoukara Yofukashi is a very fun show and the Emcee's comments are so funny. I think this TV show is very interesting too. The Ghivli movies are all amazing so I like them too. Hayao Miyazaki is a fantastic movie director so I think many people loves his movie. Princess mononoke is very famous and interesting so I’d seen it a lot. By writing your article it made me want to watch the movie again. Your writing was fine and easy to read, so it was fun to read your article.

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