Japanese TV Show

by dom on November 24, 2014 - 1:45am

Japanese TV Show

     I’m going to write about “Waratte Iitomo”. Do you know this TV show? “Waratte Iitomo” is very popular and famous in japan. Maybe all Japanese people know and have ever watch this TV show without baby. This TV show was telecast at noon. This TV show is continue very long time for 32 years, but this this TV show is end in March 2014. I like this TV show and when I was elementary school student I watched this TV show in twelve o’clock. Maybe after read this composition you want to watch this TV show.
        First I will write about why “Waratte Iitomo” is famous and popular in japan. This TV show was continue very long telecast for 32 years at noon. This TV show’s opening scene is dancing by “Iitomo seinentai” this mean is Waratte item’s dancing and helping group. Also toastmaster is singing a theme song. Almost Japanese people can sing this theme song. A lot of famous people appearance this TV show, movie star, actor, comedian, singer, and sometime ordinary person. For example Katori Shingo, Nakai Masaaki, Rola, and so on. This TV show has many enjoyable corner, the main corner is telephone shocking. This corner is very interesting, if today’s guest of telephone shocking is SMAP, SMAP have to call to friends, the friends have to come telephone shocking next day, this thing repeat every telecast day so I can know who is SMAP’s friends and what happened SMAP and the friends.
     Second I will write about this TV show’s theme song and the words. I will introduce about this theme song only few sentence. “Ohiruyasumiha ukiuki watching” “atti kotti sotti dotti Iitomo” the two sentence is first and second sentence but there is Japanese, therefore I will explain for English. First sentence mean is “in your lunch hour let’s watch Waratte Iitomo”. Second sentence mean is “you can watch anywhere” the two sentence is very famous in japan. I will introduce famous words in this TV show. This TV show has telephone shocking. The corner’s ending Tamori of toastmaster say “Ashita kitekurerukana?” this mean is “can you come to this corner tomorrow?” this sentence is very famous too.
     I like this TV show and I think almost japanese people likes too. I have never hear who don’t like this TV show, however this TV show was end March 2014. A lot of people think sad. Everyone don’t know why this TV shoe was end. This is secret. If you watch this TV show on YouTube, maybe you can find why this TV show was end. Do you want to watch this TV show?



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I liked Waratte Iitomo. But it was finish. I was disappointed.

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