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by dom on February 2, 2015 - 1:45am

5142001 Tomohiro Aoki

  Today I will write about Japanese travel. Recently a lot of foreigner come to Japan. But I think they don’t know Japan well so this time I want to they know Japan well. Japan is very good place. If the people don’t know Japan well they can’t enjoy enough. This time I will introduce my recommend Japanese bath. When some foreigner come to Japan they stay at hotel. I want to foreigner stay Japanese “Ryokan”. “Ryokan” meaning is Japanese hotel. This time I will introduce 3 Japanese “Ryokan” and Japanese bath. I think there are not enough information so I will write my recommend souvenir, dialect, local food and drink.
 First I will introduce Kusatsu Japanese bath. I guess Kusatsu Japanese bath is most famous Japanese bath. The Japanese bath is in Gunma prefecture. If you want to go Kansai airport to Kusatu Japanese bath you take a only 2 hours by train. The price is only 3,780 yen. About 38dollar to 40dollar. Japanese train is very cheap and fast. I will introduce Japanese hotel in Kusatsu. The Japanese hotel is “Bouunn”. If you want to stay the Japanese hotel you have to get reservation but don’t worry. You can get reservation on PC. The Japanese hotel is very popularity. The Japanese hotel has bath so if you want to bathing at midnight you can bathing in the Japanese hotel. Do not worry about dinner you can eat dinner in the Japanese hotel. The dinner is full course of Japanese dish. That time if you are adult you can drink Japanese alcoholic.
If you want to buy souvenir you should buy bath cosmetics. This is very popular souvenir in Japanese hotel but not only bath cosmetics, drink, local food, local chips.
 Second I will introduce “Yuhuin” Japanese bath. The Japanese bath is in Ooita prefecture. If you come to Yuhuin please come to by bus. If you come to Ooita airport you can come to by bus only 1 hour. The price is adult 1,550 yen, child 780 yen. Adult about 16dollars, child about 8dollars. The price is very cheap and you don’t have transfer. The view is very good so probably you can the time. But be careful. Last bus is at 5:50PM. The time is change irregularity if you come to the Japanese hotel please check the time about bus. This time I will introduce “Sansuikan”. This is Japanese hotel in Yuhuin. The Japanese hotel is very popular in Yuhuin if you get lost, please go to police box. The Japanese hotel has 2 bath so you can enjoy. When you bathing you can feel Japanese seasons. This Japanese hotel is my most recommend hotel. You can eat dinner at the hotel. The hotel introduce about chef so don’t worry about dinner and lunch. My recommend souvenir is roll cake. The roll cake was made by egg. The egg is made in the Japanese hotel. Please try it.
 Third I will introduce “Gero” Japanese bath. The Japanese bath is in Gifu prefecture. If you will talk about the Japanese bath in Japan, don’t say only Gero, you should say Gero Japanese bath. Only Gero is not good meaning in Japan. Be careful. When you go to Gero Japanese bath please stay in “Suimeikan”. The Japanese hotel is very good hotel. Some Japanese TV think so too. If you want to cheek this Japanese hotel before you go. You can watch on PC. The Japanese hotel show us the interior. If you come to Shinosaka station you can go Gero Japanese bath take one hour 27minutes. When you go Gero city you should buy “Sarubobo”. This is very popular souvenir and amulet. You can buy only in Gero city.
 This time I wrote about Japanese bath. When I watched TV, a lot of foreigner go to only famous city, for example, Akihabara, Harajuku and Shinjuku. That time I wanted to foreigner go to Japanese village and Japanese small city so this time I introduced Japanese bath. I think Japanese bath is Japanese pride. If you have a chance, please go to Japanese bath. Japanese bath is very good and you can recuperate. Not take big money and time. I want to more foreigner come to Japan and knew more Japanese good place and good point.

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