Japanese transportation

by Batman★ on January 31, 2015 - 3:54am

Today I will talk about Japanese transportation. There are transportation in japan of all others Japanese train is very famous all over the world. For a lot of reasons, at first time is correct so foreign country train is doesn’t coming correct times. Second return the lost thing. If when I was lost thing so notice other people deliver conductor. Third, Japanese train is very clean into the train and platform. There are other good point. For example, only woman the cars and we will wait the train for line. So may be foreigner is very surprised.

Train is very convenient for our life. It is run through some of the number every day. There are some king of train, JR and private railroad. Osaka station is very complex because it station is very big and beautiful, so I think that foreigner is lost. There are Kaisoku, Shinkaisoku, Kukankaisoku and Futuu, so I can’t understand and these differences.
Early in the morning and late evening is the train very crowded. We call it “the rush hours”. I don’t like it because very near adjoin the people.

Japanese Shinkansen is very fast. May be Shinkansen are the fastest than all over the world. The leave speed is 200kph by the Shinkansen. In the year 1964, October 1 was opening the Tokaidoshinkansen. It is very useful to trip for the far away, because as soon as arrive but the cost of expensive is Shinkansen make draw a comparison between the Shinkansen and the train. I was took a Shinkansen when I went to the Nara and Kyoto for school trip and I returned buck home. I was surprised because it was very quiet and didn’t shake.

Conclusion in my case, I didn’t very took the train in Yamanashi, because Yamanashi is not run through the many trains every day and almost Yamanashi’s people have cars because move means is car than train. I was very surprised, because many trains came a minute every day. For the first time I go to school by the train. Yamanashi’s train doesn’t have woman only the cars, so I think that make a only woman the cars in Yamanashi’s train. Sometimes I was lost in station because there are a lot of big station in Hyogo and Osaka. Yamanashi’s station is almost very small but for several decades later runs through the linear motor car. It is experiment make in Yamanashi.

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