Japanese Transportation

by fisherman on October 20, 2014 - 3:20am

We have many train companies at every prefecture in our country, Japan. Each train companies are contributing to people living each area as convenience and safety transportation companies. Without them, Japanese people don’t have this modern life. Most of those train companies are focusing at local area, except the JR. You can go and travel all over the Japan with this train company.
The company JR was originally holds by Nation. It has known as JNR (Japan National Railways) until 1987. After that period, its name became JR (Japan Railways) which has 6 blenches for passengers and 4 for cargo and etc. The 6 blenches are located and named JR Hokkaido, JR east, JR Central, JR West, JR Shikoku, JR Kyushu. As you can see with this list, you can travel around this country by train only except Okinawa (where is isolated by ocean).
JR is known as most famous train company. They give us many possibilities by using their train. One of their great services is a ticket called Seishun 18 Ticket. This is a special discount ticket which allows holders one-day unlimited rides on the local trains of JR group during limited periods of year. You can travel around Japan by using this ticket with very low cost. One of my friend who was a exchange student from Philippines traveled to Tohoku from Osaka by taking JR local trains with this ticket. It costs around 18,000 yen originally, but he only spent much less money like 4,000 yen numerically.
As I mentioned they gives us unique and conveniences. They provide us not only these services but also securities. Security is not all about safeties but is also about time. Japanese trains are mostly on time. I guess JR has great technologies to run those trains and they are the strictest train company in Japan. I’ve taken many kind of trains of different companies. I often take one of their trains (not JR) and it runs trains almost on the time, but they often delay 1 or 2 minute. On the other hand, JR runs trains on the second time scale.
I’ve written about JR as an example of Japanese transfers, but many kind of transfer companies are supporting our modern life including JR. I really proud of these Japanese transfer systems.

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