Japanese Transportation

by Flash on October 15, 2014 - 11:10pm


Kiyoka Mitani

Japanese transportation

     I’m going to talk about Japanese transportation. I always use train, so I will introduce “history of Japanese train”, “kind of train in Kansai” and “manner in train”.

     First, “history of Japanese train”. Japan is called train power, because Japanese always use train to commuting and go to school. Well, the world’s first train was made by Siemens in Germany 1879. The Japan’s first train came from America by Mash・Perry in 1872. And same year, railroad for the business was practice in first among Japan. In 1881, Nipon Tetsudo was establishment. In this way, today’s Japanese train was development.

     Second, “kind of train in Kansai”. Train has many kind in Kansai. I use JR. JR is huge company. I always use JR. JR often late arrival, so I irritate. I don’t like this things. I live in Hyogo, Kakogawa. Kobe to Himeji through Sanyou train. People live in Hyogo use Sanyou train. It is local train, but it is imminent for us. And I sometimes use Hankyu train. It is through from Umeda Osaka, Kobe, Takarazuka to Kyoto. Hankyu run “Takarazuka Revue” Hankyu runs any work. For example, “Hankyu Nishinomiya Gardens”, “Umeda Hankyu Building” and “GRAND FRONT OSAKA”. They are very famous places, so Hankyu train is very big company. And Hankyu train was became the movie. The title is “Hankyu train miracle of one-way 15 minutes”. This movie was taken in Hankyu train.

     Third, “manner in train”. Train in Japan of manner is severe. Because in other countries a manner is not severer than Japan. Now, I search different manner of train in japan and other countries. Japan must not make a call in train. It is bother in train. However, other countries may make a call. Only japan must not make a call in train. Other countries people can’t understand this things. Then, other countries people hate cough and sneeze in train. Japanese don’t think that cough and sneeze are ill mannered in train. The particularly European and American person hate cough and sneeze when during talk. Besides, other countries don’t think into question that another person is not bother.

     I didn’t know about train. It is a thing to use every day. I want to foreign country, so I should study manner in train. And I want talk about manner, kind and history of train in Japan with other country people. Thank you for reading.  

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