Japanese Tranceportation

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Japanese transportation

Asuka Morita

<Japanese people often use the train>
I’m going to talk about Japanese train. Japanese people often use train every day. They always use train by way of commute to work or school and go play outside. It is very convenience machine. The money for riding in a train is inexpensive, so many Japanese people use train to transfer. Also I often ride the train for commute to school.

<History of Japanese trains>
The first railway in Japan was constructed during the Meiji Period. In the first place was between Shinbashi and Yokohama. It was Japan’s first railway. At that time the train was only the steam train. But now, Japanese train has many kinds of available. For example, electric train, diesel train and steam train and so on. Now, the most usual type of train is electric train, so the steam train is about gone. Thus, I have never ridden a steam train. I want to ride a steam train.

<There are many kind of train>
There is two hundred three railway companies in Japan too. I often use Hankyu railway of all others. This railway runs through west Japan. It is more inexpensive than JR. And Hankyu railway was made into movie in 2011. It was very nice movie. For this reason, I like this railway very much.

<Japanese Shinkansen is very convenience and fast>
There is shinkansen bullet train in Japan. It is the fastest all of train. They say Japanese shinkansens are the fastest trains all over the world. It is wonderful. Japanese people have a great technique. I was surprised at heard about this things. Shinkansen is very convenience to go on a trip. I went to Nagasaki by Shinkansen. It was very fun. We can go to a variety of places in Japan by Shinkansen. This machine is very fast. Therefore, if you want to go to a faraway place, I recommend the use of shinkansen.
Japan has many manners. When you get on a train, it is same. You must not talk in a train in Japan. Of course, eating and drinking are prohibition, too. These are manner when we ride on a train in Japan, so you be careful about these manners when you got on a train. These are nothing in foreign countries. After all I think Japanese manner is very hard and fast.

<Train is meeting spot>
These are very convenience and inexpensive machine. Thus many people often use this. We can see many people at the station. Therefore you may meeting new person at the station. It is very nice. The station is meeting place.

Please app photo♪ I want to see train photo! Thank you~!(^^)!   By Marina

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