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by dom on February 2, 2015 - 2:00am

Theme Park

 This time I will introduce about Hamanako Paru Paru. Do you know Hamanako Paru Paru? I think maybe you don’t know the theme park because this theme park is in Shizuoka prefecture. This theme park’s advertising is broadcasting every day in Shizuoka prefecture. I want to you know Hamanako Paru Paru.
 First I’m going to introduce about Lake Hamana near Hamanako Paru Paru. Maybe some people think why I introduce Lake Hamana and Lake Hamana is not relation. Lake Hamana is very important for the theme park. Do you know Hamanako? Hamanako is in Hamamatu city. Lake Hamana is best three big Lake in Japan. Lake Hamana is a commercial source of cultivated Japanese eel, nori, oysters and Chinese soft-shelled turtles. These are very delicious. I have ever eaten the Japanese eel and nori. Fishers take sea bass, disambiguation needed, whiting, and flounder, among others. The lake has been developed as a resort area, with boating as a feature.
 Second I’m going to introduce about Hamanako Paru Paru. I want to ask to you. Do you know theme park of has pool? I don’t know without the theme park. The pool name is Paru pool. The pool is not only for adult, kid’s pool, kid’s slider, bungee and so on. I think the theme park is very interesting. Adult can feel happy, but not only adult because a lot of hero come to the theme park. For example, “Ressyasentai Tokkyuuja-“, “kamen rider drive”, “soreyuke anpanman”, “Happiness charge Prikyua” and so on. Almost children want to meet real hero, but many parents can’t do that so if you go the theme park you can meet the hero. The theme park has a lot of cute character. I will introduce about these character but they are too a lot of, so this time I choose only few character. They are family so they are Paru Paru family. First character is Pareo, the character is powerful boy and he likes trick. Second Para, she is very kind girl and she likes sing a song, dance and flower. Third Ebi-no. I don’t know the character’s sex. Last character is tomato-na the character likes eat. I don’t know the character’s sex too. These character is very cute.
  This time I will introduce about theme park of Hamanako Paru Paru. The theme park is in Shizuoka prefecture near Lake Hamana. If you go the theme park you can play the theme park and sport in Lake Hamana. Please go the theme park.

Hamanako Paru Paru HP
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This article is very interesting, because I didn't know Hamanako paruparu. But I read this article and I want to go there. So if i go to Shizuoka, I will go to there.

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