Japanese Theme Park

by Mariechan on December 15, 2014 - 1:23am

Japanese theme park


Meika Wada


I will introduce about Japanese theme park. I think most popular theme park in Japan is Tokyo Disney Resort and USJ. Have you ever been these theme park? So today I will introduce about Tokyo Disney Resort and USJ.

First I’m going to talk about Tokyo Disney Resort. Tokyo Disney Resort has two theme park. It is Tokyo Disney Land and Tokyo Disney Sea. And each theme park made from 7 theme. . Disney Land’s main theme is ‘Dream and Magic Kingdom’. And small theme is “World Bazaar’, ‘Adventure Land’, ‘Western Land’ ‘Critter Country’, ‘Fantasy Land’, ‘Toon Town’ and ‘Tomorrow Land’. Disney Sea’s mine theme is ‘Where Adventure and Imagination Set Sail’. Small theme is ‘Mediterranean Harbor’, ‘American Water Front’, ‘Port Discovery’, ‘Lost River Delta’, ‘Arabian Coast’, ‘Mermaid Lagoon’ and ‘Mysterious Island’[i].  So if we go to Tokyo Disney Resort, we feel come to fairyland. My most favorite theme in Tokyo Disney Resort is Fantasy Land. Because I like Disney princess, so if I go to Fantasy Land I feel like a princess. And we can stroll Cinderella castle. It is very beautiful.

My favorite attraction is ‘Pirates of Caribbean’. Because I like this movie and Johnny Depp. This attraction’s his doll is very real so he is very handsome. And we can feel like a Pirates. It is very exciting.

Finally I will recommend my favorite Disney Resort show. It is ‘Once upon a time’. This show take place in front of Cinderella castle. It is very beautiful and romantic. Because Cinderella castle become big screen. So if you go to Tokyo Disney Resort, you should watch this show.

Next I’m going to talk about USJ. This theme is made of based on Hollywood movies. So if we know Hollywood movie well, we can better-enjoy USJ. Because USJ has many shop that is appeared famous movies and all attraction is made of based on famous Hollywood movies.

So I will introduce about my favorite attraction. It is ‘Back to the future’. Because I like this movie. So I watched this movie many time. This attraction will take you back in the time. It is very exciting. Second my favorite attraction is ‘Harry Potter’. Because this attraction is the most new attraction in USJ. So it is quality. So if we ride it we can feel like flying sky. It is very fun. So if you go to the USJ, you should ride these attraction.

Finally Japan has many exciting theme park. Any theme park are high quality and exciting. So if you go to Japanese theme park, you can enjoy very much. So let’s go to the Japanese theme park!!! 



I like Tokyo Disney Resort and USJ!!
There are many popular Japanese theme park. I often go to USJ. I go to there with my friends. In this year, Harry Potter area built in this park. I went to there, and I want to go to there again. I went to Tokyo Disney Resort in September with my friends. It was very exiting.
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