Japanese Shops

by J-U on November 17, 2014 - 1:46am

 Today I am talking about the Japanese shops.The Japanese shops very popular for other country people.Recently,they buy the souvenir in Japan where is the Japanese interesting shops.Have you ever bought it in Japanese?I am going talk about the Japanese shops,for example “100kin”, “Tokyu-hands”and “Donque Horte”.These shops very popular in Japan and foreign country.
     First,I tell you about the “100kin shops”.It is very useful for us.because goods is very cheap,and a lot of values.the reason why Japanese people and foreign country people something buy,because goods is very cheap.The reason why 100 yen shops goods is very cheap,so there make up a lot of the goods,therefore cost is down more and more.people buy something goods in this shop.and this shop is placed writing material,so the student can easily to get ready the their material.It is charm point too.
    Second,I will explain about Tokyu hands.there is so popular in Japan.they have a lot of general goods.there called “general store”or “variety store”. The goods is very useful,because compleat set all items,therefore this shop is useful.and the clerk explain how to use the item in this shop.people can understand how to use the item,so people can buy peace of the mind them.In addition,this shop pick up the trend goods and popular goods.therefore people can easily to buy a goods.the customer feel so good,when they bought something useful and popular items.
     Third I would like talikng about the Don quixote.this shop is general shops too,but this shop is popular by young man and women.because this shops have goods cute,cool and useful.this shop pick up the trend item during season. Recently this shop have a lot of costume and someitems.The Japanese wearing costume in hellowen day,and Chrismas. They wearing funny costume,and Santa Claus during event.





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