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by Batman★ on November 17, 2014 - 3:43am

Today, I am going to talk about Japanese Shop. What do you think there are Japanese shops? For example, Mujirushiryouhinten Kaitenzushi, Matuya Yoshinoya, Donki-hote, Marukameseimen, Hyakuenkinitusyop, and more. So I was searched Japanese shop. I was very surprised, because Mosburger is Japanese shop. Mosburger is Japanese origin. So now, I introduce to my favorite three Japanese shops.
At first, Hyakuenkinitushop. We called Hyakkin. Hyakuenkinitusyop means a hundred yen shop. This shop’s all goods are hundred yen, so very cheap and cute. I often go there. I like hundred yen shop. This shop is very practical shops. Some of the most famous hundred yen shop are Daiso and Seria. Now I live in alone, so Hyakin is very helps for me. It is very very useful.
At second, Kaitensushi. I like sushi very much. Kaitenzusi means revolving sushi bar. Some of them kind of revolving sushi bar. For example, Kappazushi, Sushiro, Kurazushi and Hamazushi. There are some kind of sauce in Hamasushi. My favorite revolving sushi bar is Sushiro. But there are only two Sushiro in my hometown. In Sushiro, there are about eighty menu. Almost revolving sushi bar’s price is hundred yen, so very chap but doesn’t tasteless. Test is good. We can choose the sushi for revolving but when we haven’t want to eat, so we can order. And we can without the Japanese horseradish. My favorite sushi are salmon and shrimp. I love it.
At third, Mosburger. I was surprised, because I didn’t know Mosburger is Japanese shop, I think that American shop. We called it Mos. Mosburger is similar to MacDonald’s, but price is very difference. Mosburger is expensive than that MacDonald’s, So I didn’t buy recently. However, taste is wonderful. Onion rings is very delicious.
In conclusion, in japan there are many Japanese shops, so Japanese people should have pride. I like Japanese shop, because Japanese shop is very relief and safety. Above all things very cheap and lasting. Japanese brand is very famous in the all over the world. I love hundred yen shop, revolving sushi bar and Mosburger.
There are Sushiro’s shop number about 377, so many. The Sushiro’s headquarters in Osaka. The Kurasushi too. Thank you for reading.

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