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by Mariechan on November 17, 2014 - 1:56am

Japanese shop

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     I will introduce about Japanese unique shop. Today Japanese shop is attract rising attention from foreign country. Why Japanese shop is attract rising attention? Because Japanese shop are high quality and cheap. So many tourist visited Japanese shop.

     First I will introduce about Japanese 100yen shop. How often do you go to 100 yen shop? I often go to 100yen shop, because it is very cheap and there are many convenience goods. My favorite goods is make-up puff. It is there are many puff and disposable, so it is very cleanliness. Second my favored goods is stationery. Because it can buy very low cost. Finally my favorite goods is party goods. Because when my friend’s birthday, I bought it, my friend seemed to very enjoy. So I often go to there. The first Japanese 100yen shop is Takashimaya’s 10sen shop. It was 1926[i](Wikipedia). After that this shop became popular in Japan, so increased 100yen shop in Japan.

     Next I will introduce about Japanese cosmetics shop. Japanese cosmetics are very high quality, so attract rising attention from foreign country. Famous Japanese cosmetic brand in Shiseido, Shu Uemura, and so on. Recently Japanese cosmetic sold in drag store. It is very cheap and high quality so many foreign people visited Japanese drag store. My favorite Japanese cosmetic brand is Chifure. It is very reasonable and high quality. So I often buy it. But design is very simple. Let’s use Japanese cosmetics.

     Finally I will introduce about Japanese Sushi restaurant. Do you like sushi? I often go to sushi restaurant with my family in weekend. My favorite sushi restaurant is Kappasushi. Because there is very near my house and price and taste is very good. Japanese sushi restaurant is very popular in the world so it shop spread in the world. Japanese restaurant has many kind of type. For example is all 100yen sushi, changing price by color of dish, and made by hand and so on. I like all 100yen type because very reasonable and taste is very good. And recently Japanese 100yen sushi restaurant is made own company’s sushi. For example tonkatsu sushi, teriyaki sushi and so on. it is popular among young children. And Japanese sushi restaurant unique point is order and coming train on the sushi and Kurazushi has bikkurapon. Do you know bikkurapon. It is type of drawing because if we five dishes it sometimes give it something. So it popular in Japanese young children. Let’s go to the sushi restaurant with me.





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