Japanese Shop

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Japanese shop
I am going talk about Japanese belt-conveyor shop.
Belt-conveyor sushi that turn
sushi on the belt-conveyor. It began to 1958 in Osa
ka at first. All most belt-conveyor
made by Ishikawa. Especially I introduce about popu
lar belt-conveyor Sushi shop in
japan. All most it shop so cheap. I like sushi so m
uch, but I don’t like low fish. Have you
ever eaten Sushi?? Sushi is low fish or low shrimp
on the vinegar rice. Recently, Sushi
have a lot of interesting various. For example, ham
burger sushi, Tempura sushi, salad
Sushi and so on. We can enjoy eating. In now, I thi
nk that there are fore popular sushi
shop in japan. Today I am going to recommend fore s
ushi shop in japan.
At first, I introduce about Sushiro-. This shop is
very popular in young people,
because all most Sushi that 100 yen. Very cheap. Th
ere are 333 stores in japan. The
number of the stores of the sushi industry second p
lace. Why do you think that is so
popular sushi shop?? Because I think this shop have
a lot of health Sushi. For example,
use that avocado, tomato and fruit. A lot of woman
like this.
Second, I introduce about Kura sushi. This shop obs
ession the safety, tastiness,
comfortable. Kura sushi have capsuled toy that you
eat 5 plate, you can play capsuled
toy. This is so cute looks real small sushi. There
have side menu that Chinese noodle
and potato fly and so lot.
Third, I introduce about Kappa sushi. Kappa sushi t
hat you can take out sushi.
It sushi shop’s good point are explain about sushi,
because some people who have allergy.
I think that is so kind. Kappa sushi have interesti
ng CM. I want to you to watch this
Last I introduce about Hama sushi. This is my favor
ite sushi shop in fore
popular sushi shops. I think Hama sushi have a lot
of desert!! Especially I recommend is
American chocolate cake. It is so delicious. please
eat is it. Ig you will go to Hama sushi,
you should search about Hama sushi homepage, becaus
e you can take discount coupon.

I want to you go to Japanese Belt-conveyor sushi sh
op. Thank you for reading.
Have a good life with Sushi.
Kura sushi shop homepage
(accessed 2014-11-12)
Kappa sushi shop homepage
(accessed 2014-11-12)
Hama sushi shop homepage
(accessed 2014-11-12)


This article is very good. Because I can learned Japanese sushi restaurant, so I want to go sushi restaurant. Let's go to sushi restaurant with me!!

I read your article. Your article was interesting. I often go to belt-conveyor Sushi shop. The belt-conveyor Sushi shop is delicious and cheap. Thank you for a good article.

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