Japanese Halloween is different from foreign countries

by Flash on January 28, 2015 - 9:38pm

Japanese Halloween is different from foreign countries

     Do you like Halloween? This is event in the US. But today, it is became famous in Japan. Why is it became famous? Today, I am going to talk about Japanese Halloween.

     Do you know is true meaning of the Halloween? It is festival of harvest in fall. It has meaning religious. If children say “trick or treat”, they can gets candy. And when event, they have to wear costume, for example, witch, ghost and so on.[i] Why they wear a costume? Because Celt[ii] trusted that people who the soul of the dead come home in October 31. So they protect from these people that disguise yourself.

     What did you spend in this Halloween? Now, Japanese young people like Halloween. But they don’t understand mean of true Halloween. Young people wear some costume, but American adults don’t wear costume. It must be able to wear children! Some foreigner said “it can’t understand scene.” So Japanese Halloween is thought “crazy” by foreigners. But they likes Japanese Halloween. Because it sounds good than America. However, Japanese Halloween became a serious problem in this year. Young people litter on the street. Next day, garbage collector or clerk clean before shops or street. Young people were not able to follow a manner.

     In conclusion Halloween is good event. Many people can enjoy. But if people can’t follow a manner, all people will not be able to enjoy on Halloween. I want many people to follow a manner for all of the people enjoy Halloween. Thank you for reading.






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